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What do you think of the picture of boys and girls in the palace of Qing Dynasty in 2019? Folk presc

Palace watch of Qing Dynasty is a way of giving birth to boys and girls, which was most advocated by people before. Because it was handed down by the court, it has certain authority. Many people follow suit and ask about their children's gender. So how to give birth to boys and girls? Is the accuracy of giving birth to boys and girls high? Let's get to know!

1、 How to calculate the picture of boys and girls in Qing Dynasty

According to the horizontal axis and vertical axis coordinates, the horizontal axis is the month of pregnancy (lunar calendar), and the vertical axis is the age of pregnancy (virtual age). After finding the corresponding data, you can directly view the results. For example, pregnant women are 20 years old, pregnant in May of the lunar calendar, giving birth to a boy. By analogy, pay attention to the views of month and age. One is the lunar calendar of pregnancy (the month of conception), and the other is the virtual year (real age plus 1 year). Don't make a mistake.

2、 Is the accuracy of the chart of boys and girls in Qing palace table 2019 high

Objectively speaking, the accuracy is not high! Some netizens found 20 pregnant friends around to investigate, and finally found that 11 people are not allowed, the remaining 9 people are accurate. In fact, if you think about it carefully, you know that no matter how the Qing palace table is calculated, it has a 50% accuracy rate, so there is no need to superstitious about the algorithm of the Qing palace table. Although the Qing palace table is based on Yin-yang, five elements, eight trigrams and time, the authenticity of the Qing palace table can not be studied. And from a scientific point of view, Qinggong table has no reference value for pregnant women.

There is no relationship between giving birth to boys and girls and the Qing palace chart, and there is no rule to follow. The specific gender is realized by the free combination of genes, which is mostly the result of natural selection. Therefore, the so-called prediction methods of boys and girls are generally inaccurate, most of them are just coincidence.

At present, there are many scientific means to determine the gender, but at present, it is not allowed to check the gender, only the health of the baby. As for whether it's a boy or a girl, parents don't have to worry too much. Boys and girls are the same, as long as the baby grows up healthy, safe and happy!

3、 Folk secrets of having sons

1. Vaginal acid-base method

There are still many secrets about giving birth to boys among the people, among which vaginal acid-base method is the most widely spread. Here's the secret. As long as the female's vaginal environment is acidic, it's likely that the baby will be a girl. So as long as the vaginal environment is alkaline, the probability of having a boy will increase. Many popular secret recipes for giving birth to boys all use this principle.

2. Ovulation self test

In addition, there are also stresses about the ovulation period. In the folk saying, if you want to give birth to a boy, the probability of having the same room on the ovulation day will be higher. On the day of ovulation, the vagina becomes alkaline because of estrogen, so the chance of having a boy increases. In the same room, women try their best to let go of the excitement. When women reach orgasm, they are prone to have boys, because when women have orgasm, the vagina becomes alkaline. When rooming, find a suitable position, ejaculate as deep as possible: because the female vagina is generally acidic, ejaculate deeper, sperm stay in the acidic environment for a shorter time! In short, the principle is: change the female vaginal environment to alkaline, Y sperm is easier to rush to the front. Accelerate Y sperm and decelerate X sperm so as to give birth to a boy.

If the sex of your child's birth is just right with the prediction of the Qing palace chart, it is also a matter of probability. After all, the probability of having a boy or a girl is 50%. As long as it is their own children, regardless of men and women, should cherish.