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How can Givenchy tell the true from the false? What do you think of Givenchy's way of distinguishing

How can Givenchy tell the true from the false? What do you think of Givenchy's way of distinguishing true from false? Now there is a new version of Givenchy lambskin lipstick, it is necessary to sort out the applicable identification method. Like Givenchy lipstick, powder series of girls to see oh. Distinguish the authenticity of Givenchy powder.

Judging the authenticity of Givenchy powder from its outer packaging:

1. Under the logo on the top of the outer package, there are two words printed in capitals, one of which is the letter & lsquo; B & rsquo;, the two arcs of the authentic & lsquo; B & rsquo; are small on the top and big on the bottom, while the two arcs of the fake & lsquo; B & rsquo; are almost the same size.

2. Look at the logo on the top of the outer packaging, the logo of the genuine product has high color saturation and obvious outline, while the logo of the fake product does not pass the hot pressing technology, the color is not as full as the genuine product, and it is more reflective than the genuine product.

3. On the side of the packing box with the bar code, there are some explanations. In the fourth word in the sixth row, there is a & lsquo; & PI; & rsquo;, the authentic & PI; has a small hook, while the fake is two. There is also the last letter in the penultimate row & lsquo; a & rsquo;, the genuine a has a small tick like a three tone Pinyin, while the fake has only one & lsquo; a & rsquo;.

4. After opening the outer packing box, there is a can opening instruction in the box on the open side. There is a very small detail in it. There is the word gift on the genuine puff, while the fake is empty. The imitation is not careful at all.

Judging the authenticity of Givenchy powder from its inner packaging:

1. First of all, take a look at the letter & lsquo; E & rsquo; on the logo on the side of the powder box. The authentic letter E is a standard handwriting, and the middle one is obviously shorter, while the fake one is the same length in the three, which is slightly cute.

2. Take a closer look at the side of the powder box. Due to the excellent workmanship of the genuine product, no powder falls from the gap on the side to the bottom of the box, which looks very clean. However, due to the poor sealing of the fake product, the powder falls into the bottom of the bottle through the gap.

3. Take a look at the bottom of the box, where there are text descriptions, it's the same as the above & lsquo; & PI; & rsquo; and & lsquo; a & rsquo;, it's the problem of no hook.

4. From the front of the powder box, the intersection of sigongge is the place where the circle in the picture is circled and enlarged. There is only one round bulge in the genuine product, and there is only one false product.

Judging the authenticity of Givenchy powder from puff

Comparing the two puffs together, the genuine puff is soft, but it doesn't have long fluff, while the fake puff will have long fluff, which will leave traces when it is touched.

The authenticity of Givenchy powder by fluorescence test

This is a more professional comparison. When you irradiate the white part inside the powder cover with a fluorescent test lamp, you can see that the fake product has obvious blue light reaction, while the genuine product has no reaction. This kind of light agent test lamp is generally available on Taobao, and it's not expensive. It's only about two or three yuan.

Extended information:

Identification of Givenchy Lipstick:

Shell: suede design inspiration from high-level custom fashion concept, black suede embossed package. Silver metal, the tube is simple and neat!

Paste: fake frosting wax (feel like low-end mung bean sand mold made), genuine high-grade gloss can be seen at a glance.