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How to deal with sore throat

Autumn has arrived, which means that the dry climate is about to coexist with you. At this time, you who are sensitive to your voice will tell you with pain that it is time to properly protect and care for it, just like the duck prophet who is warm in the spring river.

This kind of sore throat caused by seasonal dryness is accompanied by burning. Therefore, you can choose to take anti-inflammatory drugs orally. It's best to keep these drugs at home, such as Amoxicillin Capsules and Niuhuang Shangqing tablets, and watermelon cream Runhou tablets. Remember to add more water in life, do not eat or eat less spicy and stimulating food. Supplement vitamins and eat more fruits.

At the same time, it is very necessary to form a good work and rest habit. Do not stay up late. We should have regular work and rest time, pay attention to physical maintenance, and exercise more to enhance the body's immunity. Decompress yourself properly. Otherwise, you may have a sore throat from a cold during the flu season.

At this time, drug treatment is inevitable. The throat pain caused by the invasion of bacteria will be accompanied by cough, sore throat, swelling and fever, so it is necessary to treat it in time. The medicine that alleviates throat ache has watermelon frost, golden throat treasure and so on. You can also choose to take traditional Chinese medicine, which is the treasure of our Greater China. Such as honeysuckle. Of course, there are also some good medicine, which will not be listed in this small edition.

Remember to take vitamins every day. Fruits are always available at home. Eat less unsanitary food on the street. After all, illness comes from the mouth. Although hot pot and spicy hot pot taste good, they are easy to catch fire, so you should try to eat less or not, and drink more tea to reduce the fire. Once a day exercise, from then on no pain.