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What is the solar term after Xiaoman? What's the climate like during the planting

What is the solar term after Xiaoman: mangzhong solar term. Mangzhong is the ninth solar term in the 24 solar terms of the lunar calendar, and the third solar term in summer, which means the official beginning of midsummer. Mang Zhong literally means' the wheat with awn can be harvested quickly, and the rice with awn can be planted '.

What does mangzhong mean

The word "mang" of mangzhong refers to the harvest of wheat and other miscanthous plants, while the word "Zhong" of mangzhong refers to the sowing season of millet crops. The homonym for "mangzhong" indicates that all crops are busy planting. Therefore, 'mang Zhong', also known as' busy planting 'and' busy planting ', is the spread and sowing of farmers' friends. The arrival of "mang Zhong" indicates that farmers begin their busy field life.

What's the climate like during the planting

After planting, the weather is fine, and the southeast monsoon belt of South China is stable, which is the season with the most precipitation in a year. The middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River have successively entered the Meiyu season, with more rainy days, more rainfall, less sunshine and sometimes low temperature.

Fan Chengda of the Song Dynasty wrote a poem: "the plum rain pours down, the nine rivers turn, the sea is wide. The farmland of liangkuwu is wet, and it is cold to plant seedlings with wadding every year. '

What do you eat to keep fit

Light diet plays an important role in health preservation. You can eat more light foods, such as vegetables and beans, which can provide essential carbohydrate, protein, fat, minerals and a large number of vitamins for the human body. Therefore, you should eat more vegetables, beans and fruits, such as pineapple, balsam pear, watermelon, litchi, mango, mung bean, red bean, etc.

Points for attention in health preservation of mangzhong solar term

1. In terms of mental health, you should keep yourself in a relaxed and happy mood, avoid anger and depression, so that Qi can be released freely.

2. In terms of daily life, we should comply with the seasonal characteristics of long day and short night, go to bed late and get up early, and properly receive the sunlight, but we should avoid direct sunlight and pay attention to heatstroke prevention, so as to comply with the vigorous Yang Qi, which is conducive to the operation of Qi and blood and invigorating the spirit; at noon, we'd better take a nap for 30 minutes to 1 hour, so as to relieve fatigue and promote health.

3. It's easy to sweat when it's hot. Wash and change clothes frequently. You should not see wet when sweating, because if you see wet when sweating, you will get acne.

4. Take a bath often, but don't take a cold shower immediately when sweating.

5. Don't lie in the wind or open air because you want to be cool, and don't sweat and blow.