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At the beginning, he was the first one to win 14 million fans

Original title: more than 2000 short videos are the first person to attract 14 million people

Jing Hanqing, a 22-year-old boy from Suining, Sichuan. On the Internet, he is known by netizens as a short video blogger. In the past five years, he has insisted on creating a short video every day. What kind of person is Jing Hanqing? He says that he loves life, but many netizens think that he is a 'murderer'. He used to eat lipstick live, food that was 12 years old and 50 fresh lemons at a time & hellip; & hellip;

Han Qing is also a very boring person. At three or four o'clock in the morning, he had a whim and ran to the live studio to test for more than an hour. He came to the 'boring conclusion' that a lighter can ignite more than 1000 times. He bought a giant lollipop and spent six hours licking it. In order to find out how many black seeds there are in a pitaya, he counted from 1 a.m. to 7 a.m. & hellip; & hellip;

Some people may say that it's too boring, right? But netizens can't help looking at it while they think it's' killing 'and boring. Up to now, the number of fans of Jing Hanqing has reached more than 14 million.

A 'death'

Rent a villa and shoot strange videos every day

When we first met, Jing Hanqing pulled a pair of slippers and wore a dress of her own design, which was printed with the words "auspicious" and "rich". You can find the same style of Jing Hanqing's clothes on a shopping website. Unlike him in the short video, Jing Hanqing in reality feels like a shy boy.

In a villa district in Qingyang District of Chengdu, Jing Hanqing rents a three story villa with six partners, who are also his employees. One of the girls, code named "female operator", is Jing Hanqing's girlfriend.

Walking into the first floor of the villa, kirky, a router, is chasing an orange stray cat with piles of props, express boxes and leftover takeout. This group of post-90s and post-95s look no different from other young people, just a little lazy and casual.

The first floor is the editing room, the shooting room is in the basement, and the second and third floor is the living area. 'although it was messy, Jing Hanqing still divided the functions of the villa. The reason for this arrangement is to be able to work 24 hours at any time. "If you're in an office building, it's not so convenient to close at any time.".

Almost all of Jing Hanqing's short indoor videos are completed in the basement of the villa. On a rectangular table, there are more than ten lemons and several candles. As you can see from his short video, these are the props he used in his recent two shows: "eat 50 fresh lemons in one breath live" and "try to take a bath with wax oil of low-temperature candles.".

Jing Hanqing had a whim in the middle of the night, trying to find out how many times a lighter can burn. So he got up at three or four o'clock in the morning and pressed the lighter 1000 times until the lighter was scrapped.

In the studio, when the shutter button was pressed, Jing Hanqing's voice was loud, eloquent and exaggerated.

So far, Jing Hanqing has shot more than 2000 short videos, among which there are not a few with the nature of "death". Some netizens called him 'the first person to make a net hit'. Speaking of this title, Jing Hanqing is not exclusive, but a little proud.

Jing Hanqing's video studio.

make money

'no one who scolds me is poorer than me.'

Jing Hanqing remembers that his first original short video was a challenge to eat 'the hottest Turkey noodles in the world'. Because there was no post-processing at that time, the whole 7-minute video, only he ate noodles repeatedly. After video uploading, Tucao and abuse make complaints about the video.

After being scolded, Jing Hanqing was somewhat disappointed. But that 'rollover incident' brought him unexpected gains. 'because the video has been a lot of controversy, the video has been on the home page instead. 'after this, Jing Hanqing's determination to become a short video blogger is stronger than before.

Over the past few years, Jing Hanqing has insisted on updating a short video every day, no matter whether she is alone or finds a group of friends to shoot together. In the major short video platforms, Jing Hanqing can be regarded as a high-yield anchor. And is it for money to shoot these short videos? Jing Hanqing said frankly, "of course, it must be for making money. '

'those who scolded me were certainly not as poor as I was when I was a child. 'Jing Hanqing grew up in a single parent family. Since she was a child, she sold fruit with her mother and stayed late into the night every day. "One night, I was sitting on a tricycle, looking at the light hanging from the fruit stand, and I really felt why my family was so poor."

Jing Hanqing didn't like reading when he was in school. He thought all day about how to make money. "When I was in junior high school, I started the business of helping people with their homework, starting with one dollar. I used the money I earned from my homework to buy online novels, and then rented them to other students for one dollar a week. Jing Hanqing said that after he went to a vocational school, he decided to cut off the electricity at the school and began to sell power bank as soon as he entered the school.

In 2014, Jing Hanqing went to Beijing alone and worked as a bottom salesman with an average salary of 2000-3000 yuan. Although life is hard, ha ha, he has a hobby of making short videos.

'at that time, I went to work during the day and spent more than three hours doing videos at night. In a year, the number of fans rose from 0 to 4000. Even so, the short video didn't bring Jing Hanqing any revenue.

In 2016, Jing Hanqing returned to Sichuan, taking short videos still occupied all his leisure time. Also since 2016, short video has ushered in the tuyere, and the audience of short video has become more and more. Through the short video, Jing Hanqing's monthly income ranges from thousands to tens of thousands of yuan. At the peak, he can earn 100000 yuan a month. In 2017, Jing Hanqing was also favored by the capital and won millions of investments. For him, who was also a small and medium-sized up owner (the person who uploaded videos), it was a huge sum of money.

Internet celebrity

'it costs half a million a year to buy props'

There is a rumor that Jing Hanqing made a fortune and now lives in a villa with an annual salary of one million yuan. Jing Hanqing doesn't care much about other people's comments. "If you are bothered by these rumors every day, you won't have more time to study more interesting videos. '

Today's Jing Hanqing is no longer eager to make money. What he is concerned about now is how to run the company well. In 2017, he set up his own media company. In addition to operating his own account, he also began to incubate other short video bloggers, hoping to develop in the direction of MCN (abbreviation of English multi channel network, which refers to a multi-channel network product form that can realize commercial cash flow).

Nowadays, the short videos produced by Jing Hanqing are no longer "suicidal", but more interesting. He will try to run with a weight of 100 kg, chew 10 kg of chocolate, and try to eat a kilo of Russian lobster raw & hellip; & hellip; of course, after working with the female operator, some warm elements are added to his videos, and he often sprinkles dog food in short videos.

He has an 'inspiration Library', which contains all kinds of strange ideas. Even, sometimes without inspiration, I flip through the online shopping cart to see what props I still buy are useless. Last year, Jing Hanqing spent 500000 yuan on props alone, most of which could only be used once.

He said that the purpose of making these videos is to have fun and challenge what people have never done. 'maybe many people have the same idea as me, but I've tried it, which can be regarded as a popularization. 'in his opinion, he is not delivering incorrect values, but his own video can let everyone get entertainment and relaxation in their stressful life.

As one of the important revenue sources of short videos, many bloggers make money by bringing goods through e-commerce. However, Jing Hanqing said that she hardly takes ads because advertising "Hurts" fans.

There are so many funny video bloggers, but not everyone can become a KOL in the field of short video. 'if you just want to make money and enter this industry, it will be like a cut off leek. You can't make money, but those who really make money are those who love life and records. Jing Hanqing said that he is such a person.

Now, he is also thinking about shooting other types of videos, and using short videos to deliver more valuable things.


'want to use short videos to deliver more valuable things'

Reporter: why do you choose to shoot a short video of "death"?

Jing Hanqing: I saw on a video website that the subscription volume of "death" video was very high in foreign countries, but there was no such short video mode in China at that time. There must be a market for such short video mode in the future, so I began to try it.

Reporter: do you think shooting a short video of "death" is conveying incorrect values?

Jing Hanqing: I don't think so. In fact, many of the ideas in the video are told by the audience, "this is very interesting. Do you want to try it?". After I try, I will also tell the audience what tastes good and what is not harmful to the body. I feel like a white mouse, so I should help the audience test the poison.

Reporter: why do you think there is a market for this kind of video?

Jing Hanqing: now everyone's life rhythm is very fast, and the pressure is also very big. Maybe they like to watch some relaxed and funny movies.

Reporter: what's your opinion?

Jing Hanqing: actually, I don't care much about it. If you respond to these everyday, how can you make progress? So just improve yourself and think more about how to make the video more interesting.

Reporter: for the future planning?

Jing Hanqing: it has been proved in foreign countries that there is a market for the 'death' video. In addition, I will also use the form of short video to deliver more valuable things.