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Blue bottle Erguotou how to identify true and false? Who can't drink blue bottle Erguotou

As everyone knows, the low input and high return of the liquor industry can bring short-term results, so people want to join the Baijiu industry. Red Star Erguotou Erguotou is a popular Baijiu liquor. Its market demand is large and consumers trust it is the best choice for Baijiu investment. It is precisely because of the excessive market demand that it is difficult to distinguish the true from the false in the market. So how to identify the true and false of blue bottle Erguotou? Who is not suitable for drinking blue bottle Erguotou? Today Xiaobian will take you to understand the system.

how to identify the authenticity of blue bottle Erguotou? The trademark adopts the watermark anti-counterfeiting technology (the same as the invoice watermark method), and several 'HX' watermark images can be clearly seen through the natural light.

Red Star Erguotou Wine 56 degree bottle cap is color printing, the top has the front door building pattern, the pattern () is clear and bright, the front door building black part uses the reversible temperature change anti-counterfeiting technology, the heating can use the open fire barbecue, the black disappears, the temperature reduces, the black returns to normal.

There is a fluorescent anti-counterfeiting spot on the side of the Red Star Erguotou Wine bottle cap. Under the irradiation of ultraviolet lamp (new banknote checking lamp), red 'Red Star' or 'hxgf' can be seen.

The top of the new 55 degree bottle adopts the design of Taihe hall, and the top of the new 52 degree bottle cap adopts the design of Qinian hall, and the bottom of the design has wine degrees respectively;

The top of the special bottle adopts the design of the hall of prayer for new year, and the side of the bottle cap is fluorescent anti-counterfeiting with four letters of hxgf;

The sealing tape of some products adopts telephone code anti-counterfeiting, which can be inquired by telephone.

Suitable population:

Socialists. As far as wine is concerned, in modern society, it often appears in social places. Whether it's high price wine or low price wine, anything can be negotiated as long as the people in the party have a cup of wine. There is a saying in China today that no wine is impossible in business. Therefore, wine is a must for social intercourse.

Maintenance personnel. We all know that wine is a small drink to keep fit, and drinking too much will hurt you. Generally, people who take care of their bodies know how to drink in order to be healthy. For some good wine, people who maintain their health will choose to have a drink in the daytime. In this way, they can not only kill the bacteria in the body, but also promote blood circulation and warm up.

The winner. Usually successful people have their own concept of wine. The taste and requirements of successful people are also different from ordinary people. And successful people drink, not drunk, drinking is the process of enjoyment. Therefore, in general, good wine is recommended to the successful people to meet the individual's demand for luxury goods, and at the same time, it can meet the additional quality of life requirements.

Party objects. Of course, in our life, gathering is inevitable. Gathering is because we haven't seen each other for a long time, or because there is some special event to commemorate. Therefore, we will get together. When we get together, we will naturally drink. Drinking is to activate the atmosphere. At the same time, it can also make people recall the past and feel the loss of years.

Emotional control. This point must also be mentioned. Most people need emotion when they drink. We call this kind of people emotion control. When you are happy, you should have a drink. When you are sad, you should also have a drink. When you are lovelorn, you should still have a drink. Of course, literati and poets belong to this kind of emotional people. Mood controllers don't have a lot of fascination with wine. They just look at their mood.


Don't touch alcohol when driving out. If you have a car in the party or in the process of making a living, Baijiu can not be touched, nor can you touch a drop. This is not only for your personal safety, but also for other people's safety. At present, the state vigorously rectifies drunk driving disorder, hoping to attract the attention of drivers.

People with physical illness, including those who are in the following situations, should not drink Baijiu, including those with high blood pressure and heart disease; hepatitis patients, those with liver dysfunction; those with gastrointestinal diseases; those with urinary calculi; those with myopia or those with eye diseases; pregnant women and young men who are ready to have children; women who have breastfed children can not drink baijiu.

For people who love to drink, we must remember that when drinking, some food is not allowed to eat. Generally speaking, it includes spicy food, hot pot and seafood. Of course, some of the specific, including the following several, carrots, sweet potato, and not cold wine.

People can't drink while taking medicine. Although drinking less alcohol can sterilize the body, if you are in the stage of taking medicine, it is recommended not to drink alcohol. This is because wine can weaken or enhance the toxicity of some drugs. So, you will find that drinking in the medication phase, the disease is more serious, that's why.

It's better not to drink alcohol before sex. Some people think that drinking alcohol before sex can help sex. In fact, it's not right. In general, Baijiu is not recommended before sex. Because after drinking, people's body will become excited, or confused. In the process of sex, it needs to keep the body excited and focused.

People who drink Baijiu are not fit to drink shells. In general, many people like to drink shell wine, also known as mixed wine, that is, a variety of wine mixed together to drink, this is the direct cause of injury to the body. Especially, Baijiu and beer must not be drunk together. If you drink like this, it will aggravate the headache symptoms and increase the damage to the body.

Don't smoke while drinking. It's wrong for some people to smoke and drink at the same time. If you choose to smoke, don't drink at the same time. If you want to drink, don't smoke at the same time. Otherwise, this double injury is the greatest damage to the body. Sometimes, drinking wine, visceral temperature is too high, and then smoking, may burn viscera.