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Does yu'ebao make any profit at the weekend? How much can yu'ebao deposit at most

The balance treasure is the monetary fund product on the Alipay platform. Nowadays, it is a common way of managing money. Compared to regular banking, its biggest feature is that the proceeds are higher and can be used with money. But many people don't understand the weekend earnings and purchase restrictions of yu'ebao, so does yu'ebao have earnings on weekends? How much money can yu'ebao save at most? Here's to show you.

Does yu'ebao make any profit at the weekend

According to the official statement of yu'ebao, yu'ebao always has income on weekends. After yu'ebao is transferred in, the fund company needs to confirm its share. After confirmation, there will be income every day, including Saturday and Sunday of course.

Is yu'ebao profitable at the weekend

However, it takes time for fund companies to confirm their shares, so there is no income in the time that has not been confirmed. Therefore, we should pay attention to the time to confirm the share and the time to display the income. Therefore, when it comes to whether yu'e Bao has any income at the weekend, there are generally the following two situations:

1. If it is transferred to yu'ebao before 3 p.m. from Monday to Thursday, there will be income on Saturday and Sunday;

2. If it is transferred in after 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, there will be no income at the weekend, because yu'ebao needs to confirm its share, and only after confirming its share will it have income.

How much can yu'ebao deposit at most

Since 2017, yu'ebao has adjusted its purchase restrictions several times. At present, an individual's yu'ebao account can only deposit 100000 yuan at most. Users with a balance of more than 100000 yuan in yu'ebao account will no longer be able to apply for yu'ebao. So far, yu'ebao has no news to lift the purchase restriction.