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Wang Yuan's smoking photos reveal the collapse of human facilities! Puffing clouds, skillful gesture

Wang Yuan's smoking photos reveal the collapse of human facilities! He was accused of smoking a cigarette. When it comes to the recent entertainment industry, many of them are directly hot and soon passed away. However, the pressure of being an artist in the entertainment industry is still very high, which is equal to the pressure of our normal work. So some people will choose to drink and smoke to paralyze themselves. Today's Xiaobian is about the exposure of Wang Yuan's smoking photos, although he is an adult netizen, he doesn't buy it!

In fact, there are a lot of stars smoking in the entertainment industry. Basically, they don't smoke very much. It's understandable. After all, the pressure of work is very high. Although we look at them on the surface, we can't bear the hardships behind them. There are many people who are popular, and they have to be haunted by black materials and all kinds of gossip. They are also very difficult. Recently, Wang Yuan's Smoking photos were exposed. They were photographed in a restaurant in Sanlitun, Beijing. There are also Yang Chaoyue, Jia Nailiang and others here. They are members of haha farmer!

However, according to the normal situation, their party is nothing. It's just that Wang Yuan's smoking is hard for many netizens to accept. Although he is an adult now, he is still a young adult. Even if he can smoke, he still feels like an old smoker. Did he start smoking long ago? And as an adult public figure, smoking in public places is really a bit inappropriate, but some netizens say that smoking is normal, and it's OK to choose smoking to relieve pressure when you are an adult!

However, many netizens did not pay attention to his adult smoking, but on which occasion he smoked. Some netizens suggested that indoor smoking is illegal and should be fined? As a young adult, whether or not to smoke is not the key point. It's very normal. You can smoke if you want, but you can't smoke indoors. Moreover, there are smoking control regulations in Beijing. Those who smoke indoors in public places will be punished up to 200 yuan. What do you think?