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How to identify the true and false Tiffany necklace? Comparison and identification of Tiffany neckla

Tiffany is a well-known jewelry brand in the world. Tiffany necklaces are favored by many women. However, some consumers choose to buy Tiffany necklaces through other unofficial channels in order to save the purchase cost. In this way, it is easy to buy imitations. How can Tiffany necklaces be identified? Tiffany necklace true and false comparative identification method to understand it.

Look at the process:

First of all, there are essential differences between genuine Tiffany necklaces and imitations. If you look carefully, you can find that the manufacturing process of genuine Tiffany necklaces is more exquisite and looks more textural. Tiffany necklaces are made of 18K gold, 18K white gold, rose gold, pt950925 silver, and some are inlaid with exquisite diamonds. No matter what the material is, the polishing and polishing of these necklaces are quite fine, without sharp edges and corners. After you buy Tiffany necklaces, you can rub the necklaces on the silk cloth to see if there is any snagging. If there is, it means that the necklaces are not well made.

Look at the mark:

Genuine Tiffany necklaces have brand marks, such as't co 'or' tiffany co 'marks on the pendant and chain parts of the necklaces, and sometimes with the designer's signature. Some of the necklaces will be marked with the designer's name on the steel seal. The font is fluent, coherent and clear Tiffany.CO The font of the logo is different.

In addition, in the aspect of font logo, we should also pay attention to the fact that some high-quality imitation products will engrave the T co 'or' tiffany co 'logo font very large, for example, for fear that consumers will not recognize Tiffany's logo, but the logo words on genuine necklaces are small, so as to show their skill and delicacy, and will not make a big't co'.

Look at the package

Tiffany necklaces will be packed in exclusive blue boxes with flannel lining, ribbon and sky blue bag. Although some high-end imitations also have matching packaging bags, the unique Tiffany blue is difficult to imitate, because the blue used by Tiffany can not be found in the color value. After receiving the Tiffany necklace, you can check the packaging color against the pictures on the Internet.

Finally, although we can use these methods to identify the authenticity of Tiffany necklaces, with the improvement of the level of technology, there is little difference between high imitation products and authentic products. It is suggested that you'd better go to the counter or Tiffany official website to buy Tiffany necklaces in person, which is safer and more secure.