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What can't zongzi be eaten with? Is eating rice dumplings difficult to digest

The Dragon Boat Festival is about to eat zongzi, and many people know that zongzi is made of glutinous rice. There are still some problems for people with stomach diseases, so what can't zongzi be eaten with?

Zongzi and what can't be eaten together

There is no special taboo problem when eating zongzi, because it is made of glutinous rice, so it may be difficult to digest. If you have to say that it is taboo, then we suggest that you avoid eating some food that is not easy to digest when eating zongzi, such as potatoes.

Zongzi cold eat will be more hard, so I suggest you take out the zongzi from the refrigerator after full heating to soft after eating.

People with stomach disease can choose rice dumplings instead of sugar.

People with gallstones and other diseases should not eat meat dumplings, egg yolk dumplings and more greasy or high fat dumplings.

Because zongzi is rich in oil, it is easy to be greasy and glutinous rice is not easy to digest. Therefore, it is easy to feel greasy and stagnant when eating too much zongzi.

Benefits: hot black tea has the effect of removing greasiness. Eating zongzi and drinking hot black tea at the same time can play a good role in relieving greasiness and eliminating stagnation.

Is zongzi indigestible

Zongzi is made of glutinous rice, which is not easy to digest. Zongzi will stay in the stomach for a long time to stimulate gastric acid secretion, which is extremely unfavorable for patients with chronic gastritis and esophagitis. It is easy to have the above-mentioned symptoms of stomach discomfort.

People with bad stomachs should heat the dumplings and cook them until they are soft. Can effectively reduce the burden of gastrointestinal tract, avoid abdominal distension or abdominal pain. Eat less at a time, because everyone's physique is different, when eating rice dumplings, the feeling is also different, many people eat a lot, but some people will feel uncomfortable eating one. For people with bad stomach, the more zongzi they eat, the heavier the burden on their stomach. Therefore, it is suggested that people with bad stomach should not eat more than one zongzi at a time.

Although zongzi is a common food in life, because it contains too much sugar, it is not easy to eat with foods with very high sugar content, and zongzi is not easy to digest, while watermelon contains a lot of cellulose, so eating glutinous rice and eating watermelon is easy to indigestion!

Zongzi itself is made of all kinds of Cereals, generally rice or glutinous rice. In some places, millet is used to make zongzi together, so it's difficult to digest. Babao porridge is usually made of all kinds of beans. If you eat it, it's easy to upset your stomach or indigestion.

Not only glutinous rice itself can raise blood sugar quickly, but also it has more fat, which is more unfavorable to the control of heat. Especially some white rice dumplings are dipped in sugar, and there are bean paste entrapped in rice dumplings. These rice dumplings can raise sugar quickly. Although they taste good, they must not eat more; Meat dumplings are relatively rich in oil and water. Although meat brings some nutrition, they usually have more seasonings and more salt, so it is not suitable to eat more.