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Wang Yuan's smoking attracts netizens' attention

Recently, Jia Nailiang, Wang Yuan, Yang Chaoyue and other members of "ha ha farmer" got together in a Japanese restaurant. During this period, Wang Yuan smoked frequently and Yang Chaoyue ate all the time. The party atmosphere was very happy. Wang Yuan's smoking aroused netizens' attention.

On the 21st, some media exposed photos of members of ha ha Nongfu, such as Jia Nailiang, Wang Yuan and Yang Chaoyue, gathering together in a Japanese restaurant of Gongti. During this period, Wang Yuan frequently smoked and puffed. He was very skillful. Some netizens said that he was completely an 'old hand', which was not consistent with the image of a sunny and energetic youth in the past. Some netizens also asked: isn't Japanese Restaurant forbidden to smoke?

Wang Yuan has always been an example of the Post-00 generation. At the age of 17, he focused on rural education, showing a young man's feelings of home and country. He also worked hard, and his works have a good response. Especially after his participation in the UN General Assembly, he made a full English speech, which was praised by the media as an inspirational classic of the post-2000 generation!

Meanwhile, Yi Qianxi, a team mate of tfboy, is the World Health Organization's anti smoking ambassador. At the press conference, Yi Qianxi said: on the way to growth, refuse tobacco!