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Why does snow kill dragon mother? How did long Ma die in the end

The finale of the eighth season of the game of power has been broadcast. Snow finally killed Long Ma. Many netizens are a little confused. The game of power: Why did snow kill the dragon mother? Did the ending of the Dragon Mother disappoint her friends?

The game of power why does snow kill dragon mother

The screenwriter didn't reveal why snow killed dragon mother. At the end of the story, dragon mother blackened and caught the little devil. Snow found dragon mother and advised her to release the little devil to give an account to the country. But dragon mother refused. Then Snow said, you are my queen and I love you forever. Then they kiss affectionately. When they kiss, they kill the dragon mother with a dagger. This ending caught many viewers off guard. But in fact, it can't be said that there is no sign. In fact, in the early spoiler, it was revealed that snow would kill Long Ma, but most netizens didn't believe it. Unexpectedly, snow really killed Long Ma after the official broadcast. Long Ma has been blackening in the last few seasons, and many netizens don't understand it.

The game of power

Long Ma finally catches the little devil. Snow asks Long Ma to release the little devil and give an account to the country. But long Ma refuses. Long Ma destroys Jun Lin City before, so snow kills Long Ma. Maybe snow thinks that long Ma has blackened to the point that he doesn't know and can't stand it, so killing Long Ma is also releasing Long Ma. Or snow wants to take the Iron Throne.

Many netizens don't understand the ending of Quanyou. After working hard for so long, Long Ma finally let snow sit on the iron throne, and almost without standard, she won the Iron Throne.

What the audience didn't understand was that dragon mother slaughtered the city. Before, as a leader and a politician, Long Ma performed very well. She set her heart for heaven and earth, set her life for the people, and opened peace for the world. I can understand even if I kill Wallis, because I believe that the Dragon Mother's autocracy is to bring peace to the world. But when she destroys a city and takes the lead in slaughtering the people of the city, the most important thing is that the bell rings and the soldiers lay down their weapons. In this way, the dragon mother will only become a tyrant who kills people without blinking an eye. For her lofty and great ideal, Long Ma has suffered so much, suffered so much resentment, and made so much effort. As a result, she was killed by Xue Nuo.