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The baby boy loses self directing and self acting, and the story is startling. There is another fath

Original title: reversed! The loss of Zhoukou baby boy was directed and performed by the woman, and four people were arrested


The incident of "baby lost in Zhoukou, Henan Province" has aroused people's attention

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"The baby boy who shocked the whole network has been found! The suspect surrendered under pressure, and more details have been disclosed"

But there's new news about today's event

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After the baby boy was found

A person familiar with the matter said

This is a farce directed and performed by the woman

New progress has been made in the "baby loss incident in Zhoukou, Henan Province". On May 20, the reporter learned from an insider that the incident was caused by the mother of the baby boy and her relatives and friends planning "self directing and self acting" because of family conflicts. The baby boy's biological father is another person. The father took the baby boy away. At present, four people are being detained by the Public Security Bureau. The mother is still in lactation and will be treated after lactation. '

The baby lost event is self directed and self performed

Many people involved in the scheme have been detained

According to previous reports, on the morning of May 16, a woman in Zhoukou, Henan Province, said she took her 4-month-old son out for a walk and fainted in a garden path near the street. When she woke up again, she found that the child had disappeared. Then the police and the baby boy's family offered a reward for clues. Wenchang branch of Zhoukou Public Security Bureau reported on May 19 that the baby had been recovered safely by the police in the early morning of May 19.

On May 20, people familiar with the matter told reporters, "it's a family conflict. It's the mother of the child and her family who planned the event of" losing the child. ". "Another person close to the police also confirmed that the mother of the child and her relatives and friends were involved in the planning. After the incident, the planners took the initiative to explain the situation to the police under social pressure. Later, they were controlled in the future road branch of Zhengzhou public security bureau and have been taken back to Zhoukou. At present, many people involved in the planning have been detained. People familiar with the matter said that although it was a farce, they didn't want to hurt people who cared about it.

On May 20, people close to the police revealed that the whole incident was bloody. The woman was a newspaper staff member, and her husband worked in the Zhoukou traffic police force. However, the husband of the woman is not the biological father of the baby boy, but someone else. "When doing DNA, he found that the father's hometown was in Huaiyang, Zhoukou. He wanted to leave the child, so he brought the child to his sister's home in Zhengzhou first.".

According to another source, after the child was sent away, the mother lied that she fainted while out and the child was stolen.

At present, four people have been detained by the Public Security Bureau, including the mother and sister of the child's biological father (i.e. the child's biological grandmother and aunt), the child's mother and her best friend. Among them, because the mother of the child is still lactating, she has gone through the procedures, but has not actually implemented the detention measures.

The reporter contacted the police and the parents of the baby for many times, but there was no response as of press release.

Event sorting

The baby boy disappeared between 10:30 and 11:30 a.m. on May 16

At that time, the child's mother came to the park with a pram. After passing the north wall of area C opposite Zhoukou Park, I came to this newly built roadside garden. I suddenly fainted and woke up to find that the child was missing.

Police report issued at 18:36 on May 16

The police said they had put the case on file for investigation and hoped that the informed people would actively provide clues.

At 23:29 on May 16, the police issued a reward notice

Zhoukou police issued a reward notice again, identifying the case as a baby theft case and offering a reward of 50000 yuan for clues.

In addition to the $50000 reward offered by the police for clues, the family members of the baby boy were awarded another $100000 for finding a child, and the reward was increased to $150000. Relatives of the baby boy said that as long as the baby is returned safely, the family members will not be held responsible and will be awarded 100000 yuan. "To take a child away is to like or lack a child. "Relatives of the baby boy said they believed that those who took away the baby boy would be kind to the child. The family members hope that the other side will find out their conscience and send the child back. There are family members waiting at the scene of the accident every day.

May 18 suspect surrendered

On the evening of May 18, under pressure, the suspect turned himself in to Zhoukou police by telephone. On the way from Zhengzhou to Zhoukou, when he arrived near Xinzheng, he suddenly made an accident and returned to Zheng temporarily. Subsequently, Zhoukou police entrusted Zhengzhou future road public security bureau to control the suspect for the first time. The future road branch immediately took action. After contacting the suspect, the suspect went to the future road branch to surrender himself that night, and was then controlled on the spot.

At 12:17 on May 19, the police issued a notice that the baby had been found and the suspect was taken away

In the early morning of May 19, the suspect and the lost baby boy were taken away by Zhoukou police. According to the information circular, the baby has been recovered safely from Zhengzhou and is in normal physical condition.

Previously, the police offered a reward for the baby theft case

Don't mention it again to attract public attention

The incident happened on the morning of May 16. Ms. Liu, a resident of Zhoukou, reported that she was pushing her four month old son for a walk in a stroller and suddenly fainted near a small park on the street. When she woke up, she found that the child was missing.

Ms. Liu, 39, told the media that she had hypokalemia and had fainted before. This is her second child. The location of the incident is only a few hundred meters away from home, near the park community. Mr. Zhu, Liu's husband, said that according to Liu's observation, there was no one nearby before the incident. It took some time for her to faint before she was found by passers-by and informed her family.

The police issued a notice that night, calling the incident 'baby theft', which is a case of baby theft. In the surveillance video released by the media, Ms. Liu can be seen pushing a baby carriage across the road, but no child is taken away. Since the small park was not built long ago, there was a blind spot in the surveillance cameras, and there were few pedestrians at that time, so there was no direct clue. Family members distributed leaflets to find children around and released information through the Internet. Zhu, the father of the child who works in the public security department, also appealed to netizens for help.

Mr. Zhu: 'I hope you can help me. Thank you on your knees. '

The amount of reward offered by the police and relatives has increased from 50000 yuan and 100000 yuan to 150000 yuan. However, more than two days later, as of the evening of the 18th, the child has not been found. At noon on the 19th, police reported that the baby boy had been found in Zhengzhou. The baby was safe and in normal physical condition. The Bulletin released on Weibo does not follow the saying of "baby theft case" any more. It only indicates that the police information of "baby lost" has been found out in the early morning, which is different from the usual Police Information Bulletin and does not mention the suspect. There was a comment on the microblog that 'this bulletin felt a bit awkward. I didn't say a word about the person who stole the child. I didn't know what happened. I didn't even say whether it was a man or a woman. They questioned whether there was anyone who stole the children.

Relatives have said that they will take the initiative to return their children without being held responsible

Lawyer: family members have no right to exempt suspects from criminal responsibility

New media in Henan's Dahe Daily quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that the previously reported Street Park was not the scene of the boy's loss. The incident "is similar to the 11 year old boy's loss in Yueqing, Zhejiang Province last year, but not exactly the same.". '

In November last year, a woman in Yueqing, Zhejiang Province, reported to the police that her son had lost contact. Social forces such as police and public welfare organizations searched for him for several days. It was finally confirmed that the woman had fabricated false information because of her emotional dispute with her husband.

In the 'baby lost' incident in Zhoukou, Henan Province, relatives once said that if the person who took the child back to the child, the reward will still be paid and will not be held responsible. Wang Shengli, a lawyer from Shanghai Jianwei (Zhengzhou) law firm, said that the current case is still under investigation and no conclusion can be made. However, if the child is deliberately taken away, it constitutes a criminal case, and the victim's family has no right to exempt the suspect from criminal responsibility: 'if someone does take the child away intentionally, it certainly constitutes a crime, and the victim's family has no right to exempt Criminal responsibility is investigated and criminal responsibility is investigated by the state organs according to law. The victim's understanding of the suspect or defendant can be treated as a plot to reduce sentencing. '

If it comes to fabricating false information, the woman in Yueqing, Zhejiang Province was sentenced to one year and three months' imprisonment in April this year. Liang Chao, a lawyer at Beijing Capital (Zhengzhou) law firm, said that if the 'baby lost' incident in Zhoukou, Henan was not theft, it could also be suspected of conspiracy to abduct and sell or refusing to raise.