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What is the outcome of the ice breaking operation? Is Lin Zonghui a good man or a bad man

In "ice breaking action", Lin Zonghui is the third room of the tower village. Although he obeys Lin Yaodong's orders, his relationship with Lin Yaodong is not so good. After all, they have a grudge. The reason why they don't break it is also for money. In front of money, relatives are not so important.

At the beginning, Lin Zonghui and Lin Yaodong ran for village director together. Because of this, there was a fight within the Lin family, which changed the fate of many people. First of all, Lin Erbao, Lin Zonghui's son, was disabled by Lin Yaohua's son, Lin Canda.

Lin Sanbao was killed in a car accident. In fact, it's not a coincidence. Lin Yaodong and Li Yaohua are behind the scenes. Otherwise, Lin can would not dare to do so.

So the Lin family, which seems to be very united, is in fact in a mess. Lin Zonghui's son was killed, which is always a scar in his heart. Sooner or later, Lin Zonghui will take revenge for his son.

Many netizens speculate that Lin Zonghui's backwater is very likely. Whether he can eventually break up the drug trafficking gang depends on whether Lin Zonghui can cooperate with the police. Only in this way can he leave a way for himself.