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What's the matter with wechat 520 yuan red envelope? Wechat Valentine's day exclusive red envelope

What's the matter with wechat 520 yuan red envelope? How much can wechat red envelope be sent? It's the annual homophonic Valentine's day on May 20. Have you had a holiday today? Today is 521, so you can continue to have Valentine's day. Have you sent a red envelope to your girlfriend?

During the period of 00:00-23:59 on May 20, the upper limit of a single amount of wechat ordinary red packets was raised from 200 yuan to 520 yuan now. It's more convenient to send 520 red envelopes this time. 520 is a festival to express love. Don't just remember the love between men and women, but also remember to send love greetings to family and friends!

520 how many red envelopes for your girlfriend

Best amount: 520 yuan, which means I love you.

520 homonym is' I love you ', is the network Valentine's day, is also a virtual network world fixed festival.

With the arrival of May 20 (May 21), the love words that are usually shy to speak can be easily expressed through the online Valentine's Day advertisements, which can also enhance each other's feelings. Online Valentine's day can let more 'lovers' express their love through the Internet: netizens can express their love in private to their loved ones, or they can express their love in public to get the blessing of their friends.