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Want fast diarrhea? It's not a problem that small ways can let you "flow away"

When we suffer from constipation, we will think about how to quickly diarrhea? There is another situation where we think of diarrhea. What is it? Of course, when we want to skip class, we need to find reasons. Diarrhea is a good reason. So how do we get diarrhea fast? Xiaobian provides you with some diarrhea methods. You can choose your own.

First of all, Xiaobian introduces the first method of rapid diarrhea. All these methods have certain scientific basis. If we want to be able to have diarrhea quickly, we can eat some expired and deteriorated food. Unclean food can easily cause diarrhea. As the saying goes, "diseases come from the mouth". If we want diarrhea soon, we can consider eating some unclean and unhygienic food. In this way, diarrhea can be achieved quickly.

Next, introduce the second method of diarrhea! The second way to get diarrhea is to catch cold. We all know that sometimes catching cold, especially in the stomach, can cause diarrhea. So how can we catch cold in our stomachs? Let me tell you. When we go to bed at night, we can consider not covering the quilt, turning on the fan, and then blowing towards the navel. If we blow it repeatedly, the stomach will definitely get cold. If the stomach gets cold, it will usually cause diarrhea, so that we can have diarrhea quickly.

Then talk about the third faster way to diarrhea. That is to make us diarrhea through diet. We all know that sometimes improper diet can also cause diarrhea. So what kind of diet or eating habits are not appropriate. For example, if we eat cold and hot food at the same time, it is easy to cause diarrhea. For example, we repeatedly eat popsicles in summer. If we eat too much popsicles, it will cause diarrhea. For example, eating a lot of diarrhea prone food, such as bananas, potatoes, tomatoes are easy to cause diarrhea. These can be called improper diet. Then we can all use these to make ourselves diarrhea.

Of course, in addition to these small methods of diarrhea, we can still promote our own diarrhea through drugs. The common drugs that are easy to cause diarrhea are Niuhuang Jiedu Tablets. But Xiaobian does not recommend this method, which is harmful to health. Xiaobian's method of sharing is enough for everyone. But Xiaobian reminds us that diarrhea is not a good thing. It is still very harmful to the body. It's better not to let yourself have diarrhea.