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How to distinguish true agate from false agate? Let's see what the experts say

In China's jewelry industry, green agates are mostly made by artificial coloring. The color of this kind of green agate is relatively dark green and looks like jadeite. In fact, the real Green Agate belongs to light green to emerald green, and the color is impure. It is mostly green, dark green or brown green. In addition, how can green agate be identified as true or false? Now let's see what the experts say.

1. Texture: generally, the green agate made by artificial color modification or stone powder coagulation has no banded or laminated distribution; the natural green agate is dense block or banded or massive distribution;

2. Color: the color of natural green agate is irregular, that is, the color of the same crystal is uneven, and the depth is different, and the color of natural green agate is light green to emerald green, the color is not strong enough, but the gloss is good; while the color of artificial green agate is rich, bright, pure, the color is single, the color and light are slightly inferior, the first feeling is very false;

3. Transparency: under the transmission polarizer, the natural green agate is colorless and transparent, with microcrystalline substance, but the texture is clear and uniform; while the artificial color or false Green Agate is mostly turbid, with poor transparency and unclear and uneven texture

4. Refractive index: natural green agate has birefringence index, but false Green Agate has no;

5. Defects: there seems to be no cracks or few cracks on the surface of real agate, but there are fewer defects on the surface of real green agate and more false agate;

6. Craft conception: Generally speaking, true green agate is more cherished by people, no matter from the aspects of fine carving, polishing effect, polishing technology, etc. they are strict and advanced in craft, with better surface brightness, especially for inlaid Green Agate ornaments, which require firmness, integrity, no scratch and crack, while false agate can't, no matter in carving or polishing The requirements for inlaying and wrapping are relatively low. A discerning person can see whether it is good or bad and whether it is true or not by comparison, because the same kind of gem from the same business will enter different levels of ornaments;

Let's share a set of true and false agate contrast pictures:

Figure 1

Figure 2

Picture explanation: Picture 1 is an artificial fake Green Agate Bracelet with poor gloss, no natural growth lines, i.e. texture and stripe, and uniform and single color;

The second picture shows the natural green agate stone bracelet, with good gloss, obvious natural growth lines, namely texture and stripe, and uneven color;

Through the comparison of the above group of pictures, I believe you should know a little bit about the identification of true and false green agate.

Here, crystal 100 experts also suggest that the natural green agate with water is more valuable, and it is difficult to make fake; the natural green agate has some growth patterns, that is, bands and textures, which can not be imitated by counterfeit products;