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Why should cold drink more hot water? Is drinking hot water really useful to treat cold

Although now 'drink more hot water' has become a practical joke, this sentence is not without reason. Many people will ask you to drink more hot water when you have a cold, so why should you drink more water when you have a cold?

Why should cold drink more hot water


A cold is usually a viral infection or secondary bacterial infection. Drinking more water and urinating more can promote metabolism and eliminate toxins in the body. When a cold occurs, the kidney has a heavy workload in making urine. Drinking more water can relieve the working pressure of the kidney, make urination more smoothly, and prevent urinary tract infection. In addition, after water is absorbed by intestinal epithelial cells, it enters the blood and dilutes the toxin in the blood, which is discharged out of the body with urine.

Regulating body temperature

The specific heat of water is larger. Every 1 ℃ rise of 1G water needs 4.18j of heat, which is more than that of other liquids. The latent heat of evaporation is very large. When 1g water completely evaporates at 37 ℃, it needs 2204j of heat absorption, so a small amount of sweat can release a lot of heat. The heat produced in the process of human metabolism can also be sent to the surface of the body and distributed to the environment through blood, so as to maintain a balanced temperature in all parts of the body. Therefore, water plays an important role in maintaining the stability of body temperature.

Replenish water

When people have a cold and fever, the body will be out of self-protection function, a lot of sweating, shortness of breath, skin evaporation of water increase. When the water loss reaches 2% - 3% of the body weight, the patient will be thirsty and have less urine. When the water loss reaches 5% - 10% of the body weight, there will be irritability, general weakness, increased body temperature, decreased blood pressure, loss of skin elasticity. When water loss exceeds 20% of body weight, it can cause death.

Is drinking hot water really useful to treat cold

stimulate metabolism

Water is the main raw material of metabolism. Through metabolism and absorption and elimination of various organs, the water in the body is renewed every 18 days. Cold, the body metabolism disorder, produce harmful to the human body, drink more water can eliminate these toxins through urine. Normal metabolism, common cold 5 days can heal.

Supplement minerals and trace elements

Cold gastrointestinal function is very weak, it is difficult to absorb minerals and trace elements from food. High quality natural water and natural mineral water contain a lot of free trace elements, which are easy to be absorbed by human body. The supplement of high quality drinking water is very important for maintaining the normal intake of nutrients.