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How is hand and foot sweating to return a responsibility? How to recuperate sweating hands and feet

Palmar sweating, also known as palmar hyperhidrosis, is a very common functional hyperhidrosis of unknown cause. In real life, many people have experienced the situation. What's the matter with sweating hands and feet? Does it represent unhealthy health?

How is hand and foot perspiration to return a responsibility

Palms sweating, and physical fitness, endocrine and so on are related. Healthy people, even if sweating, palms should also be dry. But the hand often perspires person, often is on the body does not have the sweat, the palm actually is full of the cold sweat, feels cold. Some people sweat more in winter.

Palms sweating is the performance of physical deficiency and cold, if you are afraid of cold at the same time, and cold hands and feet in winter, it should be right. Eat more warm food to regulate the body, but also to strengthen exercise, the purpose is to accelerate blood circulation and promote metabolism, should have a good effect.

How to recuperate sweating hands and feet

1. Hyperhidrosis of hands and feet is caused by dysfunction of spleen and stomach, which can be divided into two types: deficiency and excess. The patients with spleen and stomach weakness are also accompanied by dry mouth, restlessness, red tongue and less coating, which belongs to deficiency heat syndrome of body fluid deficiency.

Suggestions should be more relaxed, exercise. Diet should pay attention to eat less spicy food.

You can eat Lily porridge (20 grams of lily, 50 grams of Japonica rice, a little sugar). Wash the lily and cook it with rice. When cooked, add sugar and cook for another 10 minutes. Then you can eat and have enough. )

Huangqi porridge (20 grams of yarrow, 50 grams of Japonica rice, appropriate amount of sugar). Stir fry the Tragacanth juice, cook the rice with the juice for porridge, add the sugar to taste, and take it warm.)

2. Suggestions: palmar hyperhidrosis is caused by the abnormal increase of palmar perspiration caused by tension, excitement, pressure or high temperature in summer. It can be divided into medical therapy and surgical therapy, External use, but its effect is short-term and side effects, can not be long-term fundamental treatment; recently, some people try to topical dachshunella toxin.

A lot of people will have the symptoms of palms sweating when they are nervous. Women with sweaty palms don't have to worry too much, too much mental tension will only lead to aggravation of the disease. In daily life, more attention should be paid to exercise to promote metabolism and blood circulation. If the effect is not good, it is suggested to go to the Endocrinology Department of the hospital to check the cause of the disease, and then carry out corresponding treatment under the guidance of the doctor.