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Make complaints about the end of the tour.

At the end of Quan you, Long Ma died. Isn't it amazing? Game of thrones, which has been with us for nine years, is coming to an end. The sixth episode of the eighth season is broadcast on (Beijing time is May 20). HBO released the sixth episode preview today. The story of the Iron Throne and the characters will come to an end. In the end, who will be on the iron throne, the answer is about to be revealed.

After the eighth season of game of thrones, the public praise is not good, and judging from the trailer of the sixth episode, the screenwriter may receive fans' support. We can analyze the following points from the trailer:

First of all, the dragon mother has no iron throne

In the notice, Long Ma has only one figure behind her. She can't even see her expression after she won a great victory.

Second, Long Ma will die

In the notice, Long Ma lies in snow's arms, her face is covered with blood, and she is suspected to be dead

Long Ma is such a miserable woman. All the mountains and rivers that she has worked hard for are owned by others. She has to be killed by the people she loves. If the finale is like this, the screenwriter will drown in the saliva of the fans.

After the eighth season of "game of power" was broadcast, loyal fans expressed dissatisfaction with the play and launched a petition to remake the eighth season of "game of power" on petition website. It is reported that the petition has received more than 1 million signatures in the hours before the full series finale of "game of Thrones" was broadcast.

Some fans even expressed strong dissatisfaction with the plot. They accused HBO's plot of being too hasty, destroying years of public praise in the process. Fans have said that only to change the plot remake, fans can choose amnesia, when the eighth season has not been released. The eighth season of game of Thrones is a real disappointment to the fans.

Do you think the screenwriter needs to change the plot?