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How much can I get for high temperature allowance in 2019? How many months will high temperature sub

The hot summer has come. When you go outside, the heat wave is rolling and you are sweating all over. The staff working outdoors will suffer. However, people working outdoors will have high-temperature subsidies. According to the latest regulations on high-temperature subsidies in 2019, how much subsidy can they get this year? What are the months of high-temperature subsidies?

How much is the high temperature allowance

Labor and social security department said that work under high temperature should be issued high temperature subsidies. High temperature subsidies shall not be included in the minimum wage. According to the relevant provisions of the national labor and social security department, when the temperature exceeds 35 ℃, the enterprise shall, according to the contents signed in the labor contract, pay high temperature subsidies to the employees according to the different types of work and working environment.

How many months will high temperature subsidies be issued

High temperature allowance is paid in June, July, August, September and October every year. According to the regulations of six ministries and commissions of Guangdong Province, the allowance standard of high temperature for on-the-job workers in summer is 150 yuan per person per month for outdoor and high temperature workers, and 100 yuan per person per month for non high temperature workers. If it is really necessary to lower the standard in economically underdeveloped areas, it can be determined by the people's Government of prefecture level city within the range of 20% lower and reported to the provincial labor and social security department for the record.

High temperature subsidy is the government's concern for high temperature workers. Working in a hot environment, subsidy is like a dose of cool comfort into the hearts of workers. Actively work hard, don't be afraid of the problems in real life, the high temperature will soon pass, and the cool autumn will soon come.