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Can eat overnight crayfish poison? The taboo of eating crayfish

In summer, it's hard to avoid drinking beer and having a small barbecue. Crayfish is no exception. But what if you order too many crayfish? Can you eat crayfish overnight? Can eat overnight crayfish poison?

Can you eat crayfish overnight? It's suggested to eat it as soon as possible, or you can choose a better environment to avoid getting sick.

1. Seafood, of course, must be eaten fresh to have nutrition and delicious taste. After overnight storage, a lot of bacteria breed, and they will have diarrhea after eating. According to the data, it is best to use up seafood as a meal, not more than 6 hours.

2. Generally, the cold storage temperature is - 1 ℃ ~ 8 ℃. The cold storage with this temperature is often called high temperature cold storage. By reducing the rate of biochemical reactions and microbial induced changes, refrigeration can extend the shelf life of fresh foods and processed products.

3. Although the content of nitrite will decrease after refrigerated in the refrigerator, the content of nitrite will still increase after a long time. Under the same storage conditions, the nitrite production of stem and leaf vegetables was the most, melon vegetables was slightly lower, rhizomes and cauliflower were in the middle, and lobster was also the best.

Can crayfish be poisoned by eating overnight? Generally not, but if you don't pay attention to preservation, it's easy to get poisoned.

1. Crayfish belongs to seafood. It is not recommended to eat it overnight. After overnight storage, a lot of bacteria will breed. If you eat it, you will have diarrhea. It's better to use it as a meal, not more than 6 hours. Eating crayfish overnight may lead to poisoning.

2. The doctor said that the protein content of overnight crayfish is higher, the bacteria can reproduce in a few minutes, and it is difficult to kill when heated, which is more toxic than overnight meal. Therefore, it is best to eat crayfish as a meal, and it is best not to exceed 6 hours.

3. Many people know that before stewing spareribs soup at home, you need to blanch it with boiling water, which can get rid of the dirty things in the spareribs. In fact, washing lobster is the same. Especially because many lobsters grow up in sewage, it's more reassuring to blanch the water before cooking.

Eat crayfish precautions 1, most restaurants crayfish are ready to serve on the table. Before eating crayfish, it's best to take a look at the body of crayfish: if the tail is curled, it means that it is alive before entering the pot. If the tail is straight, it means that it is dead before entering the pot. Dead crayfish are not edible and may cause lead poisoning. In addition, the head of lobster is easy to absorb heavy metals and bacteria, so it is best to remove the head when eating.

2. The crayfish washed with shrimp washing powder often looks very clean and bright. But the corroded crawfish claws are easy to fall off. If there are few crawfish claws on the dining table, it is more likely to use shrimp washing powder. Therefore, the crawfish should be careful to eat.

3. It is recommended to soak crayfish in water for 2-3 hours, brush clean and cook them in high temperature.

4. The last point is that cooking time should be enough, not less than 20 minutes. In order to save fuel cost and time cost, a lot of cooking time is not enough, which has health and safety risks.

5. Shrimp line must be removed, this part is second only to the head dirty place. Many restaurants do not remove the shrimp line in order to save time, so we suggest that you buy it as much as possible and cook it yourself.

6. The body of crayfish contains a lot of bacteria and parasites, as well as a lot of heavy metals, but basically in the head. So eat must go to the head! Must not be greedy to save money to eat the head together. In view of the fact that most of the crayfish sold in restaurants are basically with head, the head must be removed when eating.