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Can't crayfish be eaten with watermelon? Do crayfish have parasites

In daily life, crayfish and watermelon are very common two kinds of food, they are rich in nutrients. It's very popular with people. Can crayfish and watermelon be eaten together? Do crayfish have parasites?

Crayfish can't be eaten with watermelon

According to reports, crayfish is not recommended to eat with watermelon. Because eating together can cause diarrhea. Because shrimps, crabs and other soft shellfish seafood contain a certain amount of pentavalent arsenic compounds, and watermelon is rich in vitamin C, vitamin C has strong oxidation, the two eat together will oxidize pentavalent arsenic compounds into trimethyl arsenic, the product is commonly known as arsenic, toxic. When trivalent arsenic reaches a certain dose, it can lead to human poisoning, vomiting and diarrhea, and even life-threatening.

A small amount of food or a long interval of time, the above phenomenon will not occur, only when a large number of food with poisoning. Vitamins and seafood can not be eaten together, is to reach a certain amount before it will have an effect. Generally, it doesn't matter.

Do crayfish have parasites

There is a parasite in the body of crayfish. This parasite is called Paragonimus. Many freshwater crustaceans can parasitize Paragonimus. Only if the eating method is scientific and the food is cooked at high temperature, can it be eaten safely. Paragonimus, many freshwater crustaceans can parasitize Paragonimus, so only the scientific method of eating, high temperature cooking, you can eat safely. In other words, as long as you don't eat crayfish raw, you don't have to worry about parasites at all.

Be sure to remember, crayfish can not be eaten raw, or half cooked when eating, to be careful of the parasites inside the lobster oh. In short, crayfish is not recommended to eat more. If you are really greedy, you can eat it once in a while.