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Best wishes of 520 circle of friends in 2019

520 white season, for many lovers in love, today is a special day, so how do you want to spend today and your that he sweet? 520 network Valentine's Day Romantic confession words encyclopedia.

I love you all my life. I want to walk on that mountain road with you side by side. There are blue sky, white clouds, soft wind, me and you. I can't give you the whole world, but my world, all to you. Use your tender love to subdue her in an instant!

'I like you all the time, and I like some people when they are like you occasionally.'

'you will be my wife. 'didn't you think that I might have a bad temper? '' I know you have a bad temper. You get angry easily. But I'm a know it all. I have many ways to solve problems. '

"Damn it! This is my woman!"

Your eyebrows open, so I smile; your eyes red, my sky gray. Joy, anger and sorrow, I will repeat your mistakes.

Eating together is called carpooling, going home is called carpooling, and housing is called carpooling. You give me the rest of your life and live together from now on. This is called desperate.

I'll trade my life for ten years of innocence.

If you are angry, how can I coax you? Forget it, or don't say it. I'll try not to make you angry in the future!

From my emotional line, I can see the rest of your life.

Take all living beings as you, you can understand the Buddha's heart in a moment.

I bought everything in your shopping cart. My soul wants your heart, my body wants your people, and I want you all my life.

I said you were the only perfect person in the world, and you said there was you.

I love you from the bottom of my heart. It's a big risk to tell you.

I've been missing you since you left.

The day I die, I hope you hold my hand.

You are my reason to be me. I'm bored when I talk too much. You're OK. I'll just kiss you

If you are wild, I will give you wine in this life.

I lost myself in your smile!