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Why can you feel halitosis in the morning? What causes halitosis

Wake up in the morning, embrace the sun, sigh, ouch, smelled by yourself & hellip; & hellip; many people wake up in the morning, will feel dry mouth, and, the point is! The mouth has an indescribable taste, anyway, it is smelly! So why do you have halitosis in the morning? I brush my teeth before I go to bed!

Are you scared to brush your teeth, but the smell is still floating in the air & hellip; & hellip;

So, what's going on? Are you on fire?

In fact, most of the 'bad breath' after getting up is a kind of physiological bad breath!

Generally speaking, after a night's sleep, most people don't smell good when they wake up in the morning.

The reason is very simple. During sleep, oral saliva secretion is reduced (bactericidal effect is weakened), and dental plaque, some bacteria and microorganisms multiply in large numbers. In addition, the residues in the teeth will ferment together to produce some peculiar smell.

It is a normal phenomenon to have breath in the morning, which belongs to physiological breath.

Tips: of course, I have to get up and brush my teeth~

However, if the smell is still there after brushing, it may be these problems:

1. Gastrointestinal problems

Once gastrointestinal problems occur, it will lead to halitosis, especially some gastrointestinal diseases. The cause of halitosis is that their gastrointestinal function is weak, food is not easy to digest and empty, and they stay in the stomach for a long time, food spoils and volatilizes peculiar smell. In addition, they are easy to reflux, and the smell is exhaled through the mouth, forming halitosis. This part of patients with gastroesophageal reflux symptoms, such as acid, heartburn, bloating, belching and so on.

2. Heart problems

A study published in the American Journal of preventive medicine shows that long-term bad breath may mean heart problems. This is because bad breath may mean that bacteria multiply in the mouth. When they enter the blood, there is a risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

3. Caries

If there is dental caries in the mouth, it will cause bacteria to multiply in insect teeth and other parts, and a large number of products of bacterial decomposition will be produced, and the smell of these products is very bad.

Many people will find that the symptoms of bad breath will improve a lot if they wash their teeth or repair their decayed teeth.

If you want to improve bad breath, of course, it should be targeted.

If the halitosis caused by pathology, we can't solve it by ourselves, so please go to the hospital for a doctor~

In the case of physiologically induced halitosis, we can:

1. Choose the right method of brushing teeth, brush teeth carefully twice or more every day, try to clean the root of the tongue, because bacteria are easy to gather in the root of the tongue.

2. Usually eat less onion, garlic and pepper and other heavy taste food, if you eat chewing gum, reduce halitosis.

3. Drinking tea or chewing tea, tea polyphenols can inhibit the odor in the mouth.

4. Do regular oral examination and tooth washing

Halitosis can no longer be simply regarded as the manifestation of anger. Behind halitosis, there are often a lot of hidden diseases. We still need to find them early in order to get rid of them as soon as possible.