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Artificial meat can't simulate braised meat. What's the difference between artificial meat and ordin

Artificial meat has recently become the favorite of the capital market, but there is no real artificial meat company in China. Zhong Kai, a Chinese food nutrition expert, said: artificial meat is just like appearance and taste, and can't simulate Chinese braised pork and braised spareribs. Chinese vegetarian meat is rich and better, so the market of artificial meat in China is very limited.

What is vegetarian meat made of

Vegetarian meat refers to a vegetarian diet similar to meat flavor and texture. Usually vegetable protein (soy protein, peanut protein, wheat gluten, etc.) is used as the main raw material to form a meat like texture through hot processing including extrusion cooking and other modern food processing techniques. Meat like flavor is formed through Maillard reaction and / or meat flavoring.


The protein content is high

2 low fat

3 cholesterol free

Crop products (beans, wheat, peanuts, etc.) are suitable for all kinds of consumers.


China is rich in soybean, wheat, konjac and edible fungi resources, with an annual output of 12 million tons of soybean, 400000 tons of konjac and 17 million tons of edible fungi, ranking first in the world. However, there are a lot of unsalable and wasteful phenomena behind the rich resources. Through the development of vegetarian meat products industry, on the one hand, we can make full use of the advantages of Chinese soybean and other plant resources, and turn waste into treasure. On the other hand, we can effectively make up for the lack of animal protein resources in China, making it a good supplement to animal protein and a good substitute for animal meat.

Is artificial meat cooked

No, it's bean products. It needs to be processed.

1. When cells leave the body environment, they are in a non physiological state, and the stability of cells in non physiological state is poor. In vitro culture of cells must be able to maintain and simulate a good environment for cell survival in vivo and material metabolism process. Therefore, it is necessary to provide necessary nutrition, appropriate pH, strict aseptic conditions, osmotic pressure, culture vessels, temperature and carbon dioxide.

2. Even in such an experimental environment, it is difficult to simulate a complete human environment. The metabolism and self-healing function of cells will be affected. Therefore, all cells will change more or less in the process of in vitro culture.

3. The artificial meat produced according to the regulations is very safe, and its nutrition is not inferior to that of real meat. Artificial meat is actually using plant protein to imitate the taste of meat. As long as it is produced in a regular way, it is safe to use a certain amount of additives that meet the requirements. For example, we are familiar with soybean protein, rice and flour, which contain vegetable protein and animal protein nutrition. It is just different in composition and content, and it can make meat taste after adding food additives such as pigment, flavor and spice. '