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What season is Houttuynia best to eat? How to mix Houttuynia cordata

It's also called Houttuynia cordata. I'm not used to its taste when I eat it. I will like it after eating for a long time (especially the unique flavor of Yichang). So what's the best season to eat Houttuynia cordata? What's the practice of cold mixed Houttuynia cordata?

What season is Houttuynia best to eat

Houttuynia cordata is the best food from October to March. It belongs to the food of winter and spring. Houttuynia cordata (Thunb.) Thunb, also known as Herba Cynanchi, root of broken ear and dog's point ear, used to be seen everywhere. Houttuynia cordata (Thunb.) Thunb is a dual-purpose Chinese herbal medicine. In recent years, the demand for Houttuynia cordata (Thunb.) Thunb is growing rapidly and its price is rising. In yundai, guidai and chuandai, they are all eaten after autumn. Now, through artificial breeding, we can eat it all the year round, but the cultivated one is not as good as the wild one. The wild flavor is stronger. Generally, we like to eat it with cold sauce, which is more delicious.

Houttuynia cordata also has many benefits to human body. It can dilate capillaries, increase blood flow and urine secretion, so it has diuretic effect. It may be caused by organic matter. Potassium only has the additional effect of increasing diuresis. When it acts directly, it can weaken the activity of Leptospira, death and lysis. It can also delay the onset of Leptospira in guinea pigs artificially infected with Leptospira. The yellow oil extracted from Houttuynia cordata Thunb. Has inhibitory effect on all kinds of microorganisms (especially yeast and mold), and has obvious inhibitory effect on hemolytic streptococcus, Staphylococcus aureus, influenza bacillus, Catacoccus and pneumococcus. It also has effect on Escherichia coli, dysentery bacillus and typhoid bacillus.

How to mix Houttuynia cordata

The root of Houttuynia cordata is tender and crisp, slightly spicy and fishy, which is the main edible part. Houttuynia cordata can be eaten raw or cooked. Its stems, leaves and roots can be cold mixed, fried, pickled or made into tea, wine, soda and other health drinks. Raw cooking method is to cut Houttuynia cordata into sections, salted and dehydrated, and then add ginger, garlic, sesame oil and other cold. Can also choose seasoning according to personal preference. It is characterized by retaining the original flavor, fresh and crisp taste, unique fragrance. There are many cooking methods for cooked food, such as fried egg flower with Houttuynia cordata, three fresh soup with Houttuynia cordata, stewed Houttuynia cordata with ham, fried pepper with shredded meat, etc.

1. Wash the Houttuynia cordata with clean water, remove the old roots and leaves, leave the tender white roots and leaves, and then fold them into short and suitable sections by hand;

2. The garlic head is pressed into minced garlic, and the chili oil is prepared by microwave oven;

3. Soak Houttuynia cordata in cold boiled water for 5 minutes (for those who don't like the fishy smell of Houttuynia cordata, soak for more time), take out and drain;

4. Put Houttuynia cordata in a large basin, sprinkle with chili oil, garlic, put on all seasonings and mix well