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How to identify the authenticity of SK2 red bottle? Is there any fake fairy water when the fire goes

Although SK2's products are expensive, they have a steady stream of praise. Recently, the new little red bottle has been deeply planted just by its beauty. The symbolic Chinese red, the smooth curve of the bottle body shows the noble temperament. So how to identify the authenticity of SK2 red bottle? Is there any fake fairy water when the fire goes out?

SK2 small red bottle true and false comparison:

Even if the imitation looks like it again, there will always be Waterloo in the details, and many details are always lost in the printing. This is also true. There is a skim on the label on the package of the authentic product, and the fake is a horizontal one. Please remember this

The fluorescent agent is online again. There is no fluorescent agent in the genuine product and bottle cap. There is fluorescent agent in the fake product.

The genuine bottle body is opaque and polished, which is very textural. The fake bottle body is a little inferior and transparent. Or the bottle cap part. The inside of the genuine bottle cap is the same milky white color, and the top of the fake straw is red.

If it's a high price product, even if it's fake, it can't get the essence at all. You can see from the straw that the texture of the genuine product is milky white, and the texture of the fake product is jelly.

Finally, take a look at the bottle mouth. The genuine bottle mouth is white plastic with good texture, and the fake is translucent color. Moreover, the genuine bottle mouth is smooth and does not disgrace the big brands. The fake is too inferior, and the bottle mouth is uneven.

usage method:

First of all, take two drops of essence in the palm of your hand.

Then use the tips of your fingers to get the essence of your palm on your forehead, face and chin.

Finally, gently massage the essence of the face around the center, slowly until the whole face is moistened by the essence.

Feedback on the use of SK2 red bottle:

The essence of little red bottle: after being used in the immortal water, the official said that it has the effect of collecting pores, resisting aging and restoring skin elasticity, because I have been using it for a week, feeling that it is very comfortable and tender to finish the painting, and other things need to be verified. But I think it is very suitable for dry skin. If it is mixed oil, I suggest using it at night, for fear of stuffy pox.

After using the little red bottle for a week, I feel that my skin is really better. Some of the little red bottles have a good smell, light texture and refreshing. Every day, I use the little red bottle to absorb it after wiping the fairy water. I have oily skin, so there are some big Fairy fruits in my pores. My mother's little red bottle has the effect of shrinking pores. Then I use the big red bottle to supplement nutrition and apply eye cream A set down the skin is really tender, a lot of effects have been seen, will continue to use, looking forward to better and better skin, trustworthy

It's really nice. It's not greasy at all. It's super greasy. Super! Good!!! The essence of the essence is close to the flavor of the same cream. It's very new. The essence is basically used before bedtime, and then on the second day, the skin feels tender and tender.

Dry skin, sensitive skin, rotten face. Buy with the big red bottle of fairy water. After stopping use, the mouth closed and disappeared. Once used, it itched and tingled, and the mouth closed for a long time. I gave it to my mother. It worked well.

I only use small red bottle at night, with red kidney! I'm oily, but at least now it won't be greasy. It's absorbed well, and it should be OK in summer. I have to observe the pores carefully for a period of time to review, because I almost started using it!

The smell is fragrant. Anyway, I don't think it smells bad. The little red bottle smells very good and is very comfortable to use.