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520 circle of friends talk about how to send? 520 show love talk about Daquan

520 in 2019 is coming soon. I believe many people will go out and go shopping with friends on 520. Of course, they will not forget to send a circle of friends. How can 520 circle of friends send 2019? Let's take a look.

How can 520 circle of friends make 2019

Single dog

1、 520, someone asked me how I had a good time! I laughed, passed by, passed by alone, looked at others; however, I had, thought about it behind closed doors; I loved how I had, how I was happy; I thought, hated, hurt & hellip; & hellip;

2、 Tell the girl, I sent her a 520, she returned me a 110. After thinking for a long time, I couldn't figure out the homophony represented by this number. I couldn't help asking what it meant. The girl said: 'I mean, if you harass me again, I'll call the police.'.

3、 I never believe in 520, nor received gifts, nor received a boyfriend / girlfriend, I only believe in it: 502, a drop of solid, three seconds can be, never separated & hellip;

4、 Last year's love words to myself, this year tell yourself again: you are the best looking in the world, not bad personality, good health, why not be liked, 520, I love you!

5、 Like a person don't put in the heart, useless, to tell her, to be brave to say it out, say it out you die.

6、 520 go home, have wife check wife collection record, have husband check husband payment record, don't ask me why!! wechat red envelope transaction record can't be deleted. I'm wearing a red scarf. I'm not Lei Feng. I'm his brother. Please call me detonator!

7、 Today, 520, I want to send a negative energy joke to pollute my circle of friends, but I didn't think it was suitable, so I decided to take a selfie: I am me, fireworks with different colors.

8、 The biggest tragedy of life is that you are not good-looking and ugly. Otherwise, you can become a popular online storyteller and find a handsome boyfriend. Life is so hard. Why do you want to abuse a single dog.

9、 Love 520 also want to play ads in the circle of friends, others are show love, he has to work, eh! Yes, that's me.

10、 Don't envy those lovers. Although you are single, you are as fat as two.

Show love

1、 The first time, you look at me, I know, that is forever. The first time, I took your hand, I know, the rest of my life will go together.

2、 Meeting you is my best gift. Time lane, love as wine, thank you for your gentle, please accept my late love letter.

3、 Once met, it will be a million years; once started, it will be a disaster. 520 happy!

4、 The so-called marriage, probably is... Sometimes love him, sometimes want to shoot him, more often on the way to buy a gun to see his favorite food, buy food but forget to buy a gun & hellip; & hellip; after going home, found that still have to buy a gun!

5、 If you dare to marry, I dare to marry; if you dare to buy a house, I dare to repay the loan; if you dare to be determined, I dare not to leave; if you dare to grow old, I dare to accompany you all my life; if you dare to say that you are everything to me, I dare to say that you are my world!

6、 Just because in the crowd to see you, never forget your face. Love words to the left ear, three years, still 520.

7、 My courage and your courage together, is it enough to deal with the world? To send our voice to the world, I dare not, with you, I dare.

8、 You are my most beautiful love words. On the way through the storm, I walk with you. Every day with you is Valentine's day. Every word I say reveals 520! I love you!

9、 Watermelon, skirt, ice cream, I know these are what you like, I hope I am also what you like.

10、 For the rest of my life, you are in the corner of my eyes; you are in all directions; you are in heaven and earth; you are in wind and snow; you are in plain; you are in poverty; you are in glory; you are in tenderness; you are in sight; you are in success; you are in failure.

520 circle of friends

Do you want to move into my sweet dream

2. I want to be with you until the hill on the ECG turns into the sea

3. Miss childhood, avoid the beginning of love, until now the meaning of life, only and you two sideburns.

4. I love you. To me, you are bread in the morning, banana in the evening, garlic from Shandong and pepper from Sichuan.

5. The moon hides in the clouds, I want to hide in your arms

I think you must be very busy, so just look at the first three words

7. If you call winter, I like winter; if you call summer, I like summer. Look, it doesn't matter what your name is, mainly because I like you.

8. When you ask me if I love you, you should know that love is not worth it.

9. The world is so big, I want to be by your side ~

If the whole world is malicious to you, I will tell you the love words of the last life.

11. When you can't sleep, think about me more and don't waste time

12. I have no ambition, just want you ~

13. Over the years, I have been looking for the ideal love, but no one can move me as deeply as you at the beginning.

14. I have eight abdominal muscles, can repair the elevator, never litter, and say I love you every day.

15. I can only make some home cooked dishes, such as Manchu and Han banquet and so on.

16. A figure suddenly appeared in my heart, graceful and with long hair. When I came near, it turned out to be you.

17. Recently, I always have toothache, which may be the reason why I often dream about you, because dreaming about you is the sweetest thing for me. If I dream about you more times, my teeth will decay.

18. In the future, don't ask who will be saved first when you fall into the river, because with me, this kind of thing will never happen.

19. If life is just like seeing for the first time, I'd rather that person is not you, and the one I'm waiting for is still on the way.

20. You can go with your friends, but you must put more emphasis on color than friends

21. It's better to be around than to have a thousand love words

22. My love sniper gun is on your head

23. Want to be a child. Behind you. Around you

24. When I can't see you, it's my loneliest time!

It's not that I don't want anyone but you! It's just that I don't want anyone but you!

26. I will use up all my manners to make you restless every day without me.

27. The thought of spending the rest of my life with you makes me look forward to the rest of my life.

I miss you so much. I can't respect you with my little brain

29. Only ask about deep feelings, not about the West and the East

30. May there be years to look back on, and share with you

We are still together in the next life. If you don't come, I'm not old.

There is only one you in the world, how can I not cherish it.