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Walking fainted baby boy stolen who took the baby

Original title: woman walks faints 4 months baby boy is stolen police father: conscience is too bad

What happened to the stolen baby boy who fainted during a walk? On the morning of May 16, a woman in Zhoukou, Henan Province, fainted when she took her four month old son for a walk. She woke up to find that her child had disappeared. Subsequently, the video of the child being stolen after the woman fainted in Henan was exposed.

It is reported that the news that a 4-month-old boy in Henan Province was stolen by passers-by because his mother suddenly fainted has touched many people's hearts. After the police released the news, people in the performing arts circle, such as Liang Yongqi, Chen Farong and Chen Jiashang, forwarded the news one after another to help find the children.

According to the official microblog of Zhoukou Public Security Bureau in Henan Province, at about 11:00 on May 16, 2019, a case of baby theft (male, four months old, wearing light cyan Jumpsuit) occurred near Zhoukou Park, Wenchang Avenue, Chuanhui District, Zhoukou City. It is understood that the mother suffered from hypokalemia and had a history of fainting. Therefore, the police initially believed that it was not premeditated.

'the suspect's conscience is too bad to take away the child regardless of the safety of the fainting adult. Mr. Zhu said that as of 11 am on the 17th, the whereabouts of the child had not been found. Zhoukou police once offered a reward of 50000 yuan for clues. The case has aroused widespread concern. Many well-known people, such as Liang Yongqi, forwarded microblogs for clues.