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Who are the three million policemen in ice breaking? The biggest spy in the police station

So far, the plot of the ice breaking operation has been centered on "who in the end is Lin Shengwen's 3 million policemen?". So who is this man? Who is the biggest traitor in the police department?

First, Chen Guangrong

When I saw Episode 9 of the TV series, I thought this person was Chen Guangrong. Chen Guangrong is the leader of the Investigation Brigade of Zhongshan Public Security Bureau. His performance in the play, people have to doubt. He will kill Bao Xing by any means.

Bao Xing is the key person to prove Li Fei's innocence, and killing him will cut off Li Fei's way to clean up. No one will believe the 3 million thing. Three million is not a lot of money in the whole play. At that time, the price of a kilogram of methamphetamine was 200000 yuan, but 3 million yuan was not much. As for Chen Guangrong's official position, I think the money just matches his official position.

Although 3 million is not much in the play, the whole TV play is based on this main clue. It's a bit unreasonable to expose those behind the scenes so easily. Therefore, it is common sense to speculate that Chen Guangrong is not this person.

Second, Ma Yunbo

Ma Yunbo is the director of Dongshan Public Security Bureau. He was one of the only two people Li Fei trusted and had a close relationship with him. And it's this kind of fate that makes people suspect.

Because there was a conversation between Chen Guangrong and Lin Yaohua. Chen Guangrong asked Lin Yaohua why he didn't kill Li Fei directly, but Lin Yaohua said: 'someone didn't agree with me to move him. Lin Yaohua obeys his orders, while Chen Guangrong is respectful and nervous in front of him. It can be seen that this person has a higher official position than Chen Guangrong.

His official position is higher than that of Chen Guangrong, and he doesn't want Li Fei to die. In addition to Li Weimin, only Ma Yunbo is left. No doubt, Ma Yunbo received the 3 million yuan.


In the trailer of Episode 12, there is a scene in which a beautiful woman and Ma Yunbo ride in the elevator together. Suddenly someone takes out a gun to shoot Ma Yunbo, and the beautiful woman blocks the gun for Ma Yunbo. I guess this beauty should be Ma Yongbo's wife. After blocking the gun, a huge amount of medical expenses is needed, which is probably the secret of Ma Yunbo's receiving 3 million yuan.

See so far, half guess half Mongolia probably also speculated here. Ma Yunbo, as a person who has been able to contribute his life to the anti drug cause, may be forced to let him hurt his comrades in arms. After all, every step is wrong. Once you step into the network of the underworld forces, it will be very difficult to think of it again. You can only sink deeper and deeper a little bit, and finally you will become without conscience.