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How much is the most expensive mobile phone? List of the most expensive non luxury mobile phones

A series of luxury oriented mobile phones are sorted out. At present, they belong to the mass consumption level. How much is the most expensive mobile phone? Check out the list of the most expensive non luxury mobile phones.

IPhone XS Max 512g: 12799 yuan

First of all, I have to mention the latest iPhone products. The price of new iPhone products has been going up in recent years. Xiaobian has also analyzed the reasons before. In fact, the current positioning of iPhone is between ordinary consumer goods and luxury goods, which is called light luxury.

Huawei mate 20 RS Porsche 512g: About 16700 yuan

In terms of brand value, Huawei is definitely far behind apple. Now apple is the most expensive brand in the world, with a value of 182.8 billion US dollars, ranking first in the world; while Huawei's brand value is about 8.4 billion US dollars, ranking 79th in the world, and it is also the only Chinese brand in the top 100.

However, Huawei has the courage and confidence to launch a mobile phone with a price higher than that of the iPhone.

It is worth mentioning that the brand value of Porsche is higher than that of Huawei, which is 19.055 billion US dollars. Samsung, Huawei's other competitor, ranks seventh in the world in brand value, with a value of $47.6 billion.

Oppo find x Lamborghini version: about 14380 yuan

Huawei is not the only mobile phone brand cooperating with luxury cars. On June 19 this year, oppo held a grand press conference at the Louvre in Paris, France. At the press conference, oppo announced its cooperation with Lamborghini to launch this version of oppo find x Lamborghini.

The intention of oppo's move is also obvious. With the help of find x, it will enter the high-end market and reverse oppo's impression of "high price and low configuration". Just from this mobile phone, Xiaobian thinks it is very successful.

Glory note 10 Rolls Royce version: 9998 yuan

Huawei, as a big brother, has cooperated with Porsche, and the glory of being a little brother is not to be outdone, so it went directly to Rolls Royce for a close contact.

However, glory as a positioning in the end of the mobile phone sub brand, the launch of such a mobile phone is more of a gimmick.

Jinli m2017: 16999 yuan

Last year, Jinli attracted a lot of attention by relying on this business oriented mobile phone. The slogan "successful standard configuration" is also a very motivational advertising slogan.

However, since the second half of last year, Jinli has been involved in a series of disturbances, and now there is almost no movement, which is a pity.

Samsung w2019:???

When it comes to business mobile phones, we have to talk about Samsung's W series. Retro flip design and high pricing are the biggest features of this series. Samsung w2017, released in November last year, costs more than 14000 yuan. According to the Convention, Samsung w2019 will be launched soon, and it has entered the network in the Ministry of industry and information technology. So this time, the price is bound to rise. How high can it be? We'll see.

In other words, although the above mobile phones are not luxury products, their pricing also has a large part of brand or other added value. Maybe poverty limits Xiaobian's imagination. What kind of users will buy such a mobile phone?