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Where to type the credit report? How often is the 2019 credit report updated

According to the central bank, the new version of the credit report series will be launched in the near future, which has also attracted the attention of many people. Many people want to know more about their current credit situation, so where to play the credit report? Now how often to update the credit report? Let's take you to know.

Where to type the credit report now

1. Branches / sub branches of regional central banks: handle directly at the counter window or print on the independent inquiry machine.

Credit report

2. Log in to the official website of the central bank credit reference center: first register the account number, then verify the identity, and then query the credit report and print it.

3. Some bank outlets also support printing credit report, which can check the local situation.

How often is the 2019 credit report updated

Credit information update requires some relevant institutions to upload the consumption and repayment records to the personal credit information database. If there is no information reported, credit information will not be updated. If the business related institutions have reported data, the central bank will update the data within 1 to 2 months after reporting.

Therefore, the credit reference will be updated once a month or two. If you have an overdue record, how long it takes to see it on the credit reference depends on the submission cycle of each bank, but it is usually seen in a month.

Generally speaking, in today's credit society, credit reporting is becoming more and more important to individuals. For those who have housing loans or often use credit cards for consumption, it is recommended to check their credit information once a year. If they find any unidentified credit records, they should contact the bank in time to eliminate them.