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Li Yuchun's Cannes robe makes an amazing appearance in white feather suit, full of futuristic feelin

At the opening of Cannes National Film Festival every year, the red carpet can almost become the center of everyone's topic. Although it is a film festival, the shape of the red carpet can really be regarded as a major event in the fashion circle. Do you like Li Yuchun's Cannes three dimensional feathered combat robe this year? Best dress and best make up!

and Li Yuchun can be regarded as one of the most concerned women in this kind of large-scale activities. Although she is a neutral girl, her expressiveness in the red carpet modeling can be said to be remarkable. Especially in the past two years, Li Yuchun's fashion plasticity has really been recognized.

This time, on the red carpet of Cannes, Li Yuchun was wearing a three-dimensional feather combat robe. The white three-dimensional feather jacket not only has a strong sense of the world, but also has a strong aura. The whole modeling is avant-garde and has a sense of the future. The white design combined with Li Yuchun's Purple hair really can only say: "absolutely!"

Of course, this time, Li Yuchun's appearance is also awesome. It is directly evaluated by the foreign media for the best dressing and best makeup on the red carpet in Cannes. Even the designer Olivier Rousteing also commended the spring and spring that was used to interpret this set:'Angel on earth. Can you see that we are really impressed by Li Yuchun's modeling?

It's no wonder that many netizens after seeing Li Yuchun's red carpet modeling this time all call that Chunchun is just a walking art! Indeed, this modeling is not only gorgeous and amazing, but also has very artistic value. Just the three-dimensional feather design, it seems that the construction method is complex, elegant and high-level.