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Fujian Sanming rainstorm waterlogging! Sanming is in a hurry. Is this patronized by the rain god

Fujian Sanming rainstorm waterlogging! Sanming is in a hurry. Is this patronized by the rain god? According to May 16, affected by the low-level jet, heavy rainfall occurred in the central and northern areas of Fujian Province, mainly in Sanming and Nanping. Fujian Provincial Flood Control Office announced on the 16th that Sanming City's flood control index launched a level III emergency response against rainstorms, and 612 people were safely transferred from Meilie, Mingxi, Taining and other places with heavy rainfall.

At present, the water potential of the main rivers in Fujian is stable, and no disaster report has been received.

According to the statistics from 6:00 on May 15 to 6:00 on May 16, the rainfall in 57 villages and towns of 16 counties (cities and districts) in Fujian Province reaches 50-100 mm, and the rainfall in 11 villages and towns of 5 counties (districts) exceeds 100 mm, with the largest rainfall of 201.4 mm in Chenda town of Meilie district; the largest rainfall in one hour is 75.2 mm in Lanxia Village Station of Shunchang County, and the largest rainfall in three hours is 126.0 mm in Yuxi Village Station of Meilie district.

In view of the heavy rainfall process, Fujian meteorological department strengthened the monitoring and early warning, issued short-term strong weather reports; Fujian flood control office strengthened the duty and leadership, paid close attention to the rain situation, tracked the actual rainfall situation, and timely reminded and guided the heavy rainfall areas to do a good job of storm prevention.

According to the forecast of Fujian Provincial Meteorological Bureau, there is still heavy rainfall in the whole province today, with rainstorms in Sanming, Longyan and Quanzhou, accompanied by short-term heavy rainfall.