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How to identify the true and false Pandora necklace? Three ways to identify Xiaobai

If you are a jeweller, you must know Pandora to some extent. As a well-known jewelry brand, Pandora's bracelet is a hot item that can easily ignite the whole network. But how can I tell the truth of this Pandora necklace? Three moves teach you to identify Xiaobai must see, hope to help everyone.

how to identify the authenticity of Pandora necklace? 1. Whether the lettering is clear, whether it is in the same radian, and the material and weight.

2. The gap problem of lettering 'S925': the gap between S and S925 of fake is even, and the gap between each word is especially even, which is fake; in fact, the gap between S and 925 is a little larger than other gaps, like a space.

3. There is a unified standard for the number of sections. From the section, we can't tell which manufacturer produces it.

4. It can't be distinguished by the depth of lettering. On the market, some of the imitation pandora beads are deep and some are shallow, but the radian is relatively stiff. The glass (some use glass) does not fit well with the silver tube, so there will be a big gap. The finer the lettering, the more false it is because it is electroplated.