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What brand is huaxizi? Does huaxizi work well

Huaxizi is a brand that many fairies have heard of. Recently, because of Ju Jingyi's endorsement, this brand has been on the hot search again, which makes many people very curious about this brand. Let's introduce huaxizi to you.

What brand is huaxizi

Oriental make-up. Huaxizi's concept of make-up originates from the traditional Chinese recipe for beauty. The product development team deeply explores the secret recipe of beauty recorded in ancient books, inherits the Oriental exquisite aesthetic concept, and combines with the modern fashion art of make-up. By using modern makeup making technology, extract natural flower essence with various Chinese herbal nourishing essence, make up the collocation of makeup, create a national treasure class makeup product suitable for 18-30 year old Oriental women.

Which country is huaxizi from

Domestic brand

Recently, huaxizi, which is popular in Weibo beauty circle, has the style of a leader in Chinese color cosmetics. The reporter found from the evaluation of these beauty experts that they praise huaxizi for its mild and natural ingredients. After in-depth exploration, the reporter found that the biggest difference between Hua Xi Zi make-up and other make-up is that its 5 series of make-up products are mainly flower and herbal extracts, and the formula is derived from the ancient square cosmetics. Huaxizi believes that these ancient cosmetics have been handed down to the present day, because they are developed for Oriental women's skin, and the ingredients are natural. Therefore, huaxizi seeks the most professional partners to focus on creating the first-class Chinese cosmetics exclusive to Oriental people.

After strict selection and evaluation, huaxizi decided to cooperate with international first-line OEMs from Italy, such as yingteli and Korea, which are long-term partners of major international quality cosmetics brands and have the world's most advanced cosmetics production technology. Hua Xi Zi extracts natural flower essence, uses the world's first color make-up production technology, combines with the ancient formula of cosmetics, and creates the western flower make-up suitable for Oriental women's skin, skin color and temperament. Finally, after 3752 person times of internal evaluation and nearly 500 times of scientific research deployment, oriental make-up huaxizi came out, determined to let every Oriental woman bloom unique charm!

Huaxizi star product recommendation

Huaxizi Yurong water lily

I love air cushion! Because it's easy to use and has a great make-up feeling. Although the overall cost performance of the air cushion is not very high, the air cushion is very fast compared with the foundation fluid at least. But it's better than convenience and high face value.

Sense of use: huaxizi Yurong water lily air cushion CC cream, the color number is B20 pearl jade lotus, the advantage is easy to apply, more comfortable, but also with a little water, painted on the whole face is more uniform.

Make up effect: a little cream muscle make-up effect, the longer the more beautiful, just like your own skin.

Covering power: but for the pores, it doesn't cover the pores very much. When the puff is dipped in CC, many of them stick to the puff. If you like light makeup, you can consider it. For me, it's full of beauty and classic charm!

Persistence: good persistence, not mottled.

Huaxizi Yunv peach blossom powder:

Sense of use: fine powder, good effect on the face, more comfortable. The key point is that this puff feels very comfortable when touching the face. The only dissatisfaction is that there will be a little hair loss during use.

Make up effect: the skin on the face is very thin, just like a skin filter. With a little highlight, color better, white, not the kind of pale, is a natural white.

Huaxizi baihuami Lipstick:

Color: the color is very bright, thin coating is a girl, thick coating I can't hold.

Sense of use: Daily lipstick needless to say, is moisture and durability requirements, but these two often can not be both. But huaxizi's lipstick is moist and durable. As long as you don't eat too much, it won't decolorize. There is also a little fragrance, this is good! The color is very good, thin coating is OK. It's just that there's a little bit of lip pattern on the back after painting, but the overall praise! If the Lip Glaze comes out, it should also be very good~

Huaxizi luodaisheng eyebrow pencil:

Sense of use: 5-star full score, you can 4.6 stars! (- ^ o ^ -) appearance girl heart! Soft hardness is also better, easy to color, but also lasting! Basic five or six hours no problem! Previously used gray, found that painted this brown is also good, also natural. The key is to design a very convenient inverted triangle eyebrow brush. It's easy to draw eyebrows and the tail of eyebrows is also one! When painting, one end of the eyebrow brush shakes a little. In fact, the shape of eyebrow pen can be slimmed down, and the overall penholder should be slimmer~

Flowers, flowers, peony, rouge and blush:

The blush with flower essence is acceptable to the taste. The whole powder is very waxy and soft. When you sweep it gently on your face for a second, you will have a good texture that blends into your skin. It's really amazing. It's natural to use powder puff to show the color. It can't fly powder. It's convenient to dip in, but it needs a little bit of force. But when the skin condition is not good, the effect may not be so good. So we should take good care of our skin~