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What does female anaemia eat good? Precautions for female anemia

There are many people who have anemia symptoms in life, especially female friends. It is said that breakfast is the most important of the three meals. What's good for women with anemia to eat in the morning? And what should we pay attention to?

What does female anemia have for breakfast

Anemia is a common female disease, many girls have more or less the symptoms of anemia. If female friends are troubled by anemia for a long time, it is bound to bring a greater burden to their body. Therefore, in this case, we must choose the right food to eat. So anemic female friends can eat more of the following foods. Jujube, pumpkin, egg yolk, carrot, bean products and so on.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Qi and blood are the basis of human beings. The influence of qi deficiency and blood deficiency on the body can be summarized as weakness of qi deficiency and dryness of blood deficiency. Long term deficiency of Qi and blood will lead to low immunity, deficiency of Qi and blood can be improved by eating brown sugar. For brown sugar, handmade brown sugar is better, such as Qiaojia county's intangible cultural heritage, Qiaojia Handmade Brown sugar.

What should female anemia pay attention to

1. Can not eat garlic: Garlic contains more volatile substances, excessive consumption will inhibit the secretion of gastric juice, reduce hemoglobin, red blood cells, aggravate anemia.

2. Can't drink milk: the iron content in milk is very low, but the calcium and phosphorus content is high. The iron in the body is easy to combine with the calcium and phosphorus in milk to form insoluble iron compounds, which makes the iron content in the body more insufficient.

3. Eat less alkaline food: alkaline environment is not conducive to iron absorption, lack of gastric acid will also affect the free and transformation of iron in food, so anemia patients try to eat less alkaline food, such as steamed bread, buckwheat flour, etc.

4. Can't drink coffee: because the polyphenols in coffee and iron will form difficult to decompose salts, inhibit the absorption of iron. It is not suitable for anemia patients. If you want a drink, you'd better change coffee to orange juice. Indeed, coffee is not long-term. The most important thing is not to overdose. If you overdose, there will be problems even if you don't have anemia. The key is the quantity.

As long as women with anemia adjust their diet and effective exercise to enhance their physique and improve their immunity, they can alleviate their illness. The body is their most important fortress, reasonable change of their food can give themselves a healthy body.