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Mobai set up a new company, Hu Weiwei starts his business again and makes a comeback?

Recently, Liu Yu and Hu Weiwei, former members of Mobai, set up a new company called Cory technology. Is this the rhythm to start over?

According to the enterprise investigation, Liu Yu, the former CEO of Moby bike, and Hu Weiwei, the founder of Moby bike, set up a new company, Shanghai Cory Technology Development Co., Ltd. In the company, Hu Weiwei is the supervisor and Liu Yu is the executive director.

It is understood that the company was established on May 9, 2019 with a registered capital of US $10 million. The business scope includes: technology development and technical services in the field of computer software science and technology.

It is worth mentioning that Mobai was officially acquired by meituan on April 3, 2018, and Wang Xing served as the chairman after the acquisition. On April 28, Moby chairman Wang Xing and founder Hu Weiwei announced the organizational structure adjustment of Moby. After the adjustment, founder Hu Weiwei became CEO of Moby and appointed Liu Yu as president of Moby.

On December 23, Moby bike issued an internal letter saying that Hu Weiwei no longer served as CEO of Moby bike, but was replaced by Liu Yu, President of the company. On January 23, Wang Huiwen, the co-founder and senior vice president of meituan, issued an internal letter announcing that Moby has fully connected to meituan app, and Moby CEO Liu Yu left to start a business.

This time, the original team of Moby bike co appeared in the same company, and everything may start again in the future.