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How to force employees to show their love? If you don't show your love, you will be dismissed

What's the matter with forcing employees to show their love? What's the situation with forcing employees to show their love? Many partners don't know. Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

How to force employees to show their love

On the afternoon of May 15, a beauty agency in Puyang issued such a notice: "in order to cooperate with the company's series of activities of true love witness on May 20, the company's administrative department decided that all employees who have family or are in love (except single) must take pictures of their spouses or lovers in the circle of friends before May 20. The Administration Department of the company will check one by one, and those who fail to do so will be dismissed. '

The red title of the notice is "Li Wei professional eye plastic surgery" and the signature below is "Li Wei administrative department". The notice was issued on May 15, 2019, and the red seal of "Henan Li Wei Medical Beauty Co., Ltd." is stamped on the notice.

For this notice, some netizens think it's really 'wonderful', which is to force employees to show their love. At the same time, it is also suspected of violating the labor law.

Some people think that the personal wechat circle of friends of employees is not the official wechat circle of enterprises. The wechat circle of friends of employees belongs to their personal space, and it is up to employees to decide when and what content they like to publish. Relevant enterprises should not confuse the boundaries between public and private, and force employees to carry 'public goods' to interfere with their private freedom. Enterprises can't do whatever they want just because their jobs are in their own hands. Management behavior is wantonly extended to the private domain of employees and additional obligations are attached to employees.

"In order to win the support of employees, enterprises should at least abide by the law and respect the rights of employees. Otherwise, they will be disgusted by employees. 'a citizen said.

At about 3:40 PM, a reporter from Dahe Daily contacted a manager surnamed Cui of the beauty agency.

When interviewed, manager Cui first said that there was such a notice, but it was only an activity of their internal staff for an internal effect, and they would not really do that. Later, he said that he was not very clear about the situation, and needed to communicate with the leaders, ask about the situation, and then call the reporter back.

The company is suspected of breaking the law

In this regard, Wang Sihua, a lawyer from Henan Shengda law firm, said that according to the relevant provisions of the labor contract law, if the employer and the laborer terminate the labor contract, they must negotiate to terminate it or the laborer's behavior violates the relevant provisions of the labor contract law. The content of the notice issued by the company concerning "those who fail to do so will be dissuaded" can not be used as the basis for terminating the contract with the laborer.

'if the company unilaterally rescinds the contract based on this, it is suspected of breaking the law, and the workers can claim their legal rights according to law. "Wang Sihua said.

In addition, people from the Labor Supervision Brigade of the human resources and Social Security Bureau of Hualong District of Puyang City said that if the company really dissuades its employees, it is definitely in violation of the labor law. If an employee is really persuaded to quit because of this matter, the employee can solve it in two ways: one is to ask the company to continue to perform the contract through labor arbitration; the other is to ask the company to make economic compensation if the employee is dismissed by the company within the term of the labor contract.