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How to identify true and false dry red? 3 tips for quick identification

A small amount of wine is good for physical and mental health, while dry red wine, "dry" is a word borrowed from the brewing of champagne, that is, wine made directly from pure grape juice without adding any additives such as water, spices, alcohol, etc. So how to identify the true and false of dry red? Today, Xiaobian will teach you three ways to quickly identify the authenticity.

How to identify the true and false of dry red?

1. Look at the appearance of wine.

It is a real dry red wine with clear and transparent appearance, glossy, balanced and harmonious aroma, elegant aroma, pleasant and soft taste, full body and long aftertaste. If the wine is cloudy and dull, has no natural feeling, bright color, obvious artificial pigment feeling, strong fruit flavor, strong alcohol flavor, other peculiar smell, or peculiar smell, distinctive aroma, thin body, it is a fake wine.

2. Chemical detection.

When hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide are added to the wine, the color of the real high-quality wine will become darker in case of acid, and the color will return to its original state after alkali is added. Fake wine will not change color when added acid or alkali. If there is no acid or alkali at home, white vinegar and edible alkali can be used instead.

3. Tissue detection.

Take a clean white napkin and lay it on the table. Shake the bottle containing 'dry red wine' for a few times, and then pour a little wine on the paper. If the red color of the wine poured on the paper can not be evenly distributed on the paper, or sediment appears on the paper, then the so-called 'dry red wine' is' fake wine ', otherwise it is a real dry red wine.