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Is it true that Xi Mengyao is suspected to be pregnant? Finally, the fourth room couldn't sit still

Usually, the marriage between the rich and powerful families is bound to be a powerful alliance. The more the fight between the rich and powerful families is at the top of the storm, the more attention is paid to the comparison of the economic standards between the two sides of the marriage. This may be related to the future family status. Recently, several children of the gambling king have frequently reported their marriage and love affairs, which have been searched on the microblog again and again. Netizens said: this melon can't be eaten up any more. It's all the gratitude and resentment of the rich and powerful families Ah! Is it true that Xi Mengyao is suspected to be pregnant according to the Internet media recently? Is Sifang finally unable to sit down and start robbing the family property?

It is said that the gambling king, Mr. Ho, has been exaggerated by the media over and over again that he is seriously ill. Although his family has not shown any negative emotions, it is reasonable that the gambling king is nearly 100 years old and his health is deteriorating. For such a family with status, status, money and population, the open and secret struggles between the houses are inevitable.

There has been such a rumor on the Internet before, saying that the gambler, Mr. Ho, has always paid attention to children, and the division of family and property will be carried out according to the population. Therefore, recently, a lot of good news has come out from the ho family. The most obvious should be the dynamics of the three room Chen Wanzhen and the four room Liang Anqi family.

First of all, let's talk about he Youqi, Chen Wanzhen's son of Sanfang. Although he has been in love for many times, he has never responded positively. Later, he suddenly announced that he proposed to his girlfriend Gigi successfully. This year, the media photographed the appearance of three members of he Youqi's family. His daughter is 11 months old. He Youqi simply took a group photo of the three members of he Youqi's family and formally declared his position.

As for his sister, he ChaoLian, who just announced her love affair with Dou Xiao some time ago, there is no further good news, but according to the development rhythm of the gambling king family, it is estimated that the good news will not wait long.

His fourth daughter, he Chaoying, has not been active in entertainment since she went to the United States to give birth. But it's hard to doubt her original intention of being pregnant when she is unmarried and holding a wedding after giving birth to a child, but it may be that she is pregnant without any psychological preparation.

Now he Youjun, the son of the fourth room, has for the first time admitted that he wants to propose to Xi Mengyao. He has not responded positively to the rumors of love, but suddenly announced that he wants to get engaged. The relationship between he Youjun and Xi Mengyao is developing at an amazing speed.

It is because this speed is really beyond everyone's imagination that the media and the public suspect that Xi Mengyao is pregnant, so he Youjun is anxious to propose.

Although the rumor about Xi Mengyao's pregnancy has not been confirmed, seeing the good news from the children of the king of gamblers, the topic and debate will inevitably move closer to the property fight. I don't know who will be the biggest winner in the end?