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Why is Mr. ho called the king of gamblers? The origin of Mr. Ho's name

Why is Mr. ho known as the king of gamblers? Recently, when he Youjun, the youngest son of the king of gamblers, proposed to marry him, Mr. Ho, the super rich businessman in Hong Kong, has attracted everyone's attention again. As we all know, Mr. ho is known as the king of gamblers, but he never gambles.

Why is Mr. ho the king of gamblers

As for the title of "king of gamblers", in fact, it refers to his industry, rather than his own gambling.

Macao is a gambling city with many generations of gambling kings, among which Stanley Ho is the most famous and influential. Although Mr. ho is known as the king of gambling in Australia, he never gambles, but he started his business by opening casinos. At that time, the main revenue of Macao government depended on the financial and tax revenue of casinos. Therefore, Mr. ho can be said to be a local breadwinner and breadwinner, so he is a very respected businessman in Macao. More than that, Ho spent more than 100 million Hong Kong dollars to buy back the stolen Bronze Faucet of the Chinese zodiac in Yuanmingyuan and give it to the country free of charge. This kind of patriotism is admirable.

Although gambling is an improper profession in most people's minds, it is legal and reasonable for Macao.

Mr. Ho's business success story:

Born in 1921, Ho was born into a noble family. His grandfather was ho Fu, a British Dutch Jew. Ho Fu's brother was Sir ho Dong, a wealthy businessman. Therefore, Ho's family should be regarded as very good. As for his later success, it must have something to do with his family.

In 1962, Stanley Ho opened his first casino, which was called "new garden". After that, he was able to do business smoothly. He not only established Macao tourism and entertainment Co., Ltd., but also opened a number of casinos. It can be said that he has developed his casino business to the extreme, with a value of more than 10 billion. The title of Australia's first gambling king is worthy of reputation.

However, now Mr Ho basically doesn't care about his own industry. After all, his health is not as good as before. He can only see how his children develop in the future.