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What's the matter with Xiaomi's apology? Due to the abnormal system, the user was sent to the credit

Yesterday, there was an Oolong incident in Xiaomi finance. In the case of normal repayment of some users, the system fails, resulting in users being overdue, as well as on the credit system. Today, Xiaomi finance apologized and said it was working with Minsheng Bank to develop solutions.

Xiaomi official micro apologizes

On the 15th, Xiaomi official micro blog said: "yesterday, the system used by Xiaomi finance to connect with Minsheng Bank was abnormal, resulting in a small number of users' repayment information not being updated in time. We and Minsheng Bank found and solved the problem for the first time. At present, we have worked out a solution to solve the problem for users as soon as possible, and updated the repayment information within 30 days according to the actual repayment situation Make sure the information is correct. We are very sorry for the trouble caused to users! "

Xiaomi Finance

On the same day, some users of Xiaomi Finance reported on the Internet that under normal repayment conditions, they received an overdue warning message from Minsheng Bank on the 14th, saying that they had reported it to the credit information system. After communicating with customer service, these users received SMS from Xiaomi Finance: "if you receive SMS from Minsheng Bank, please don't worry. We will verify your repayment record, confirm that the repayment is normal and there is no overdue, and we will restore your credit within 30 working days. '

It is reported that Xiaomi finance is a personal comprehensive financial service platform of Xiaomi company, which was officially launched in September 2015. Its products mainly include personal loans and consumption installment. According to the financial report of Xiaomi in 2018, Xiaomi finance is still in a state of loss.