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What is the reason for the price rise of fruits and vegetables

Recently, when Xiaobian went to the supermarket or the market to buy fruits and vegetables, he found a detail, that is, the price of fruits has risen to the sky. I don't know if you have found this problem. If you have any friends who have found it, I believe they all want to know why the price of fruits and vegetables has risen?

Fruit prices soared

We can refer to the CPI (consumer price index). After the data in April came out, the growth of fruits, vegetables and pork was significant, with a year-on-year increase of more than 10%. This is still the data of April. Judging from the increase in the past three months, many fruits have increased by 70%.

There are less fruits in the north, and the performance is more obvious. The data of Xinfadi in Beijing are authoritative. Market statistics show that the average price of fruits in Xinfadi market is about 6.15 yuan per kilogram, up 78% over the same period last year. The main varieties that have increased include kiwi fruit, pear, apple and citrus.

Vegetables and fruits rose surprisingly

Recently, the price increase of vegetables has been amazing. The price increase trend started in the second half of last year. Before the Spring Festival this year, the price of vegetables rose a lot. According to the usual practice of previous years, the price of vegetables should be reduced after the festival, but this year, the price has not dropped much. Some vegetables are even more expensive than before the festival.

What make complaints about the price of vegetables and fruits? Many netizens are tucking up their tucking boxes. Is the price of fruit the most important thing? Why are they so expensive? Actually, Xiaobian also has the same feeling. Fruit prices are really too expensive to afford. So, what is the reason for the soaring prices of vegetables and fruits this year?