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How can you tell the true from the false? How about your skin care products

How can you tell the true from the false? How about your skin care products? When it comes to skin care products, isolation cream is one of the most popular fashion elements at present. It can resist the damage of ultraviolet rays on the skin and is a necessary choice for many people to go out. The essence of moistening skin contained in Youlai isolation cream is the best choice for many fashionable mm, which can let the moistening ingredients penetrate into the cuticle.

How to distinguish between real and fake?

1. Packaging

Product packaging is relatively important, almost all product packaging represents the product brand in a sense. One side of the authentic package is printed with clear product description. We should pay special attention to the above information such as production license number, health license number, product standard number, etc. Because many imitations have different contents. In addition, we can see that the top of the authentic packaging is the special character of Guozhuang, not Guozhuang Beizi. A lot of imitations are smart and write Guozhuang Beizi.

2. Date difference

After opening the package, let's take a look at the expiration date of the bottle. The expiration date of the genuine product is close to the bottle mouth. It is printed by dot needle printing, and the expiration date is consistent with that on the packing box. The period of validity of fake products is generally at random, and different batches may appear in different positions of the bottle body. This may not be noticed by everyone, and some products are rough printed, so careful observation will lead to disconnection.

3. On the tail side

At the end of the pipe, a careful person may see that there is a space specially reserved for writing the product code, so that the code can be easily seen, and the diagonal line is used at the end of the pipe, not the normal vertical line. The imitation not only uses the normal vertical line, but also has no spare space in the coding place. It is directly imprinted on the vertical line, which increases the difficulty of viewing. It can be seen that the counterfeiters only consider their own difficulties, not the consumers.

4. Nozzle

The design of the nozzle directly affects the convenience of our use. The helix of the nozzle of the genuine product is relatively deep, and the treatment is relatively regular. At a glance, we know that we have made great efforts in the workmanship. However, the nozzle of the imitation is relatively poor. There are only two spiral lines on it, and the spiral line is relatively shallow. In this way, after using for a period of time, the bottle cap is easy to release, which can not protect the product.

5. Texture

Texture is very important for products, good texture will have good use effect, will be trusted by consumers, products will be hot. At the same time, it is also the most important aspect to distinguish the true from the false. The quality of authentic product is delicate, moisturizing, good ductility, easy to be absorbed by skin. The texture of fake Youlai isolation cream is relatively dry, the moisturizing degree is not very good, it is not easy to be absorbed by the skin when smearing, and the surface seems to have a layer of oil.

matters needing attention:

Because cosmetics vary from person to person, the effect is also different, sometimes some products will produce subtle differences due to season and other reasons, parents can not judge the authenticity of products by their own feelings.

Due to the difference of skin, any product is not 100% anti allergy, especially for the mm of sensitive skin, so it's better to smear a little after the ear before the first use, and it's safer to test.