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Why eat eel on Dragon Boat Festival? How to eat Monopterus albus best on the Dragon Boat Festival

There is a custom of eating five kinds of yellow rice on the Dragon Boat Festival, including Monopterus albus. Therefore, every year's Dragon Boat Festival is the season to eat eels, so why eat eels on the Dragon Boat Festival? How to eat eels best on the Dragon Boat Festival? In fact, the nutritional value of eels is also very rich. Let's see how to eat eels best.

Why eat eel on Dragon Boat Festival

Monopterus albus, through artificial breeding, can be eaten all year round now. In the past, Monopterus albus was eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival. After a winter's storage and a spring's recovery, coupled with the warmer weather and abundant food sources, the wild Monopterus albus during the Dragon Boat Festival is particularly strong and plump, and its meat is tender at this time, which is the best time to choose food.

In addition, Monopterus albus is also one of the "five yellow" of the Dragon Boat Festival. It is called the "five yellow month" in Hangzhou in the May of the lunar calendar. It gets its name because there are five kinds of foods with the "yellow" sound on the market. In the tradition of Jiangnan people, the Dragon Boat Festival is to eat 'five yellow' - eel, yellow croaker, cucumber, salted egg yolk and realgar wine.

In the Dragon Boat Festival at noon, the most suitable to eat five yellow meal, is to eat five kinds of yellow food mixed together. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the Dragon Boat Festival is on the fifth day of may in the lunar calendar, which is the peak time of Yang Qi in a year. At noon, which is the peak time of Yang Qi in a day, we can use the power of the Dragon Boat Festival solar terms to restrain bad luck and improve our energy.

How to eat rice field eel:

1. When you buy eels, you can ask the fish seller to remove the bones, wash the synovial fluid from the eels, dry them, cut them into sections, add salt, pepper and Shaoxing wine, and mix them well.

2. Cut green pepper into rhombus, garlic into slices, scallion into sections, ginger into sections, scallion into small sections.

3. Put oil in the pot, warm the oil in the hot pot, pour in the marinated eel section, stir fry until fragrant.

4. Take out the eel section for later use.

5. Leave the bottom oil in the pot, add garlic, scallion, ginger, stir fry the fragrance, pour in chopped pepper, Douchi, stir fry the fragrance.

6. Add chili sauce and stir out the fragrance and red oil.

7. Then pour in the eel section, add a little water and stir fry well.

8. Pour in green and red pepper, add sugar, salt and soy sauce to taste.

9. Stir well, thicken with starch and let the soup hold tightly.

10. Put in the scallion section.

How does eel eat healthily

The eel must be fried well.

It should be noted that the eel must be killed and cooked immediately. The content of histidine in eel is high. After the eel is dead, the histidine in eel will turn into toxic substances, so the eel must be alive. Eel blanch with boiling water, you can wash the outer mucosa, boiled soup can reduce the smell.

Generally, people like the feeling of tender when they eat fish. In many cases, in order to ensure the taste of eel fresh and tender, they stir fry in the pot for a few times and then come out of the pot. It is very likely that the eel is not fully mature inside. There is a parasite in eels, which can be killed only when they are completely cooked. If people eat half life eels, they are likely to be infected with this parasite.