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Why do you eat Wuhuang on the Dragon Boat Festival? What's the special meaning of eating Wuhuang on

As we all know, zongzi is the traditional food of the Dragon Boat Festival, but in fact, in addition to zongzi, there is also a custom of eating Wuhuang on the Dragon Boat Festival. Why should we eat Wuhuang on the Dragon Boat Festival? What do Wuhuang refer to?

What is Wuhuang on the Dragon Boat Festival? Wuhuang on the Dragon Boat Festival refers to five kinds of food, namely yellow croaker, eel, cucumber, salted egg yolk and realgar wine. This custom has a long history, but now many people don't know much about it.

Yellow croaker

During the Dragon Boat Festival, large yellow croaker will come by the tide and become the main seasonal dish of this season. At this time, the large yellow croaker is fat and the meat is the most delicious. Braised in brown sauce is the best. The skin of the fish is fragrant and slightly crispy. The fish is tender, smooth and sweet. It has a special taste in mind. The content of protein, trace elements and vitamins in large yellow croaker is high. The trace element selenium can delay aging and prevent cancer.

ricefield eel

There is a folk saying that the rice field eel is the fattest, tender, delicious and nutritious in this season. The Dragon Boat Festival is before the light heat. Although it is not the best time for Monopterus albus to eat, the meat of Monopterus albus is rich in nutrition, protein, fat, phosphorus, calcium and iron. Eating Monopterus albus can properly supplement vitamins and remove rheumatism.


Among the people, cucumber is known as' the first fruit '. Four seasons change. Among many fruits, cucumbers come on the market earlier than other fruits. In the middle of May, you can eat new fruits. The time is just opposite to the Dragon Boat Festival, which naturally becomes a must for the Dragon Boat Festival. In addition, cucumber also has the function of clearing away heat and toxin.

Salted egg yolk

Salted egg yolk does not have the seasonality of eel, yellow croaker and cucumber, because there is a word "yellow", so it also entered the ranks of "five yellow". Eating salted egg yolk during the Dragon Boat Festival means health and safety.

Realgar wine

The first time I heard about realgar wine for exorcism and detoxification, it was in the legend of Lady Xu Xianbai that I only thought that the original white snake was too careless, so I believed it for a long time. Later I learned that realgar is mainly composed of arsenic sulfide, which is the main raw material for arsenic extraction. Realgar has certain toxicity and can naturally drive away poisonous insects, but people will also be poisoned. As a result, the tradition of drinking realgar wine no longer continues, but the tradition of daubing Realgar on children and wearing sachets remains.

The significance of eating Wuhuang on the Dragon Boat Festival Wuhuang refers to eel, yellow croaker, cucumber, salted duck egg and realgar wine. Whether it is five red or five yellow, it is mainly to ward off evil and dispel heat. The Dragon Boat Festival is also called the Dragon Boat Festival. At this time, the weather is getting hotter and hotter, and mosquitoes and flies are breeding. Therefore, the Dragon Boat Festival in May is also called "health month" by the people. The Dragon Boat Festival has become a big festival for the whole people to prevent and eliminate diseases, avoid pestilence and expel poison, and pray for health and longevity. Every year on the Dragon Boat Festival, especially in Hangzhou, people have to eat 'Wuhuang'. It is the custom of Hangzhou people to eat Wuhuang on the Dragon Boat Festival.

In addition, the Dragon Boat Festival also has the custom of eating five red. In addition to commemorating Qu Yuan, the Dragon Boat Festival also has to avoid five poisons, because the legendary five poisons monster will harm the human world when it comes to the Dragon Boat Festival. These five poisons monster are snake, centipede, spider, gecko and scorpion. People use five kinds of red dishes to symbolize the blood of the five poisons. When they eat these dishes, they will scare away the five poisons. That is to say, they will eat five kinds of red, which are roast duck, amaranth, duck eggs in red oil, lobster and realgar wine. It is said that if they eat these five kinds of red on the Dragon Boat Festival, they will be able to ward off evil spirits all summer.

The Dragon Boat Festival to eat the meaning of Wuhuang 1, Monopterus albus, Wuhuang inside the first yellow is Monopterus albus, Monopterus albus is able to enhance resistance.

2. Yellow croaker, yellow croaker is the second yellow in the five yellow, yellow croaker is rich in nutrients, can strengthen the body's nutrition in the Dragon Boat Festival.

3. Cucumber also belongs to one of the five yellow, although cucumber is not yellow, but cucumber can clear away heat and detoxify. Dragon Boat Festival when the weather is relatively hot and humid, eat cucumber is to detoxify.

4. Salted duck eggs are also one of the five yellow, salted duck eggs can be replaced by soybean.

5. Realgar wine is the most important of the five yellow, because the Dragon Boat Festival is the time when snakes and insects travel, and there are more snakes and insects at this time. What snakes and insects fear most is realgar wine, so people can not be afraid of snakes and insects after drinking realgar wine. Snakes and insects dare not attack when they smell realgar wine.