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How to identify the true and false coconut stars? Identification of the details of coconut star

Yeezy 350 boost V2 'static' all over the world volume, adding 3M reflective material to the whole woven upper, shining in the light, a kind of all over the sky feeling. However, according to the information that has been exposed, the reflective version only sells 5000 pairs, which is too rare. However, the market can be sold more than 5000 pairs of it, so how to identify the real coconut stars all over the sky? Coconut full sky star details of true and false identification method to understand.

There are actually two versions of this yeezy 350 V2 'static', one with reflective effect, and the other with ordinary woven material with translucent design. According to Xiaobian's observation, in addition to the reflective effect under low light, it can quickly distinguish the two versions through the laces. The reflective laces are gray and white, while the regular laces are white.

Let's take a look at the identification and comparison:

1. We have made a set of pictures for you to see more clearly. The color of mark line varies with the different colors of the lights. At night, the colors of several versions are exactly the same, but in the daytime, they will show the same Beige as the authentic ones (the color of the market version is still white and will not change color in the daytime)

2. The color of the inner gasket of the side mesh? If the market version is either yellow or white, the real object will be more obvious. If the filter is adjusted in Figure 2, you can see clearly