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What is the remake of 1988? Please answer the introduction of 1988 TV series actors

Recently, it has been revealed that Tencent will remake the Chinese version of "please answer 1988" TV series. Please answer that 1988 is a popular TV series in South Korea. Many netizens are very concerned about it. Please answer what was the remake of 1988? How about the remake of 1998 TV series?

What did the 1988 remake say

Recently, Tencent film and television has put on record the information of remaking TV series in 1988. Please answer that the Chinese version of remaking TV series in 1988 is called "meet 98". The story frame is basically the same as that of "please answer 1988". This TV series is based on the neighborhood life of the Special Administrative Region after the return of Hong Kong. The story is set in Luohu District of Shenzhen City before and after the return of Hong Kong in 1997, with five families living in a small street Li Wenjing will make his own choice between the cold Huang Miao and the introverted Xu Tao.

According to the filing information, please answer: the 1988 remake will start shooting in June 2019, and the production event will take five months. It is expected that it will be broadcast as early as mid-2020. Tencent will remake 1988 TV series, please answer, but many netizens do not agree, some netizens said, why so many remakes. Some netizens said that they are looking forward to your reply to the release of the remake cast in 1988. Also said, please answer 1988 is their own white moonlight, please do not destroy, please answer 1988.

Synopsis of Xiangyue 98 TV series Xiangyue 98 TV series tells the story of five families who live together. The story is basically the same as the original Korean drama please answer 1988. After the brief introduction of the drama was made public, netizens were discussing which actors would play in the drama. Considering the age, many netizens recommend that Li Tingting, the heroine of exclusive memory, Zhang Zifeng, Wenqi, Li landi, etc. are suitable to play the heroine.

An introduction to the five person group of please answer 1988

Cheng Deshan: a girl in grade 2 of shuangmen senior high school. She is one of the five people gang in Hutong. Her nickname is "shuangmendong special skill bag", which means: a brain with poor schoolwork. Born in 1971. In 1988, when he was 18 years old, he ranked second in his family. He was oppressed by his elder sister and entangled by his younger brother. Her grades are always in the bottom. Of course, she doesn't care about them. The 18-year-old girl who cares more about the romance of 17-8 than the textbook and her appearance than her grades is happy and lively.

Jin Zhenghuan: the son of Jin Chengjun, a member of the gang of five friends in shuangmendong alley, nicknamed 'zhengbagou in shuangmendong'. He's a football fan and he's fighting for it. He is dissatisfied with everything. When everything needs a show of hands, he never agrees immediately. He always tries to find fault, scold and vent his anger bitterly, and finally pretends that he can't win. He is a typical bad man. At home, he is also a mean and cold-blooded son. The conversation between him and his parents is basically 'good, no, don't know' and other completely coping words. But in fact, Zhenghuan is a person with delicate inner feelings. He just keeps a cold appearance to hide his inner feelings.

Cui Ze: one of the five friends in shuangmendong alley, the only son of the 'Phoenix Hall' family, a gold and silver shop in the Hutong. He is good at go and enjoys the reputation of "stone Buddha" in the world of go. He is a national treasure level go master of the Republic of Korea. At the age of 11, he began his go career. Two years later, at the age of 13, he became the youngest go champion in the world, and this record has been kept for 20 years. The prototype of this character is Lee Chang Ho, a Korean go player. In the play, Cui Ze expresses her feelings in front of her, and finally holds her back.


Cheng Dongyi (father of virtue): bank clerk, father of virtue. He is a kind and humane man. As Wannian's agent of Hanyi bank, half of his monthly salary was deducted because he helped others pay their debts carelessly. Then, for more than ten years, he and his family lived in a semi underground house.

Li Rihua: mother of virtue, housewife. She is often bored to death by her two daughters. At the same time, she is very friendly with the housewives in the alley.

Jin Chengjun: the father of Zhenghuan, the retailer of Jinxing electronics store. He used to be a pauper who ate noodle soup every day of the year. However, his eldest son Zhengfeng won the Olympic lottery, which changed his life.

Luo Meilan: Zheng Huan's mother, housewife. She is a mother who wants to understand her son's inner thoughts very much. However, she has no way to understand his thoughts. She has a very good relationship with the housewives in the alley.

Jin Shanying: Shanyu's mother. When I was young, I got married by accident. However, shortly after the marriage, her husband died. After her husband died, she tried to raise her children. They are very close to each other. At the same time, she is a poor cook but also love to try dishes

Cui Wucheng: Cui Ze's father, master of Jidong or Phoenix hall. It's a man who doesn't move like a mountain but his father's love is like a sea.